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You must have never seen the 72-changing facial building block toy, it is the strongest artifact in history.

by:Toysmax     2021-04-13

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This puzzle emoji building toy

Let children make their own emoji packs

Become an emoji master in one second


My brain is open, I can’t put it down

You can make dozens of expressions in an instant

It’s really cool

It’s simply the best A powerful artifact to coax your baby

There is absolutely no one

Let’s witness the magic of this building block! It is really a wonderful idea to design expressions as building blocks. If you slightly change the angle and distance of the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth, the emotions expressed will completely change. It's so magical!

△A magical expression building block, be careful of addiction

This is a very magical expression toy

It is too It’s interesting, let you combine them.

The appearance of various expressions makes you 'incapable of extricating yourself'

Imported from Russia for a long time

Space has been snatched up

△Opening up a new world, imagination and observation fly together

Children like to use it to create, but the brush is not accurate The content of expression can be easily realized with it. The ever-changing, endless joy.

There is no right or wrong, no restraint. A building block can be hair, body, or beard, whatever you think it is. The brain hole gets bigger and bigger, the more you play, the more confident you are. What is more exciting for children than 'hands-on to bring about change'?

△My brain is open, the more I play, the more confident I am.

Almost every friend who tried the game told me 'It's so interestingI can’t stop, coax my baby’s magical tools,' 'Adults and children are rushing to play. . Adults can also find their own fun, such as making an emoji and posting a circle of friends, cool!

△Homemade emoticon pack-laugh and cry

△Homemade emoticon pack-wit

Even the first domestic variety show for maternal and child development

We have also seen this toy in 'Hot Mom Academy'

Hot Mom Ulan Tuoya recommended this toy

I searched it on a tall website, but the price is more than 600, which is really a pain. But now this Shusha Toys emoticon building block has finally come to China from Russia thousands of miles away, and the price is only more than 200, which is simply a boon for Chinese children!

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