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With the constant trend of intelligence, how will traditional toys break through in the new consumer era?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

The update frequency of electronic products is accelerating, and entertainment games are full of tricks. Both children and young people are attracted to the screen, and the attention received by traditional toys is greatly reduced. Coupled with the downturn in the macro market environment, the impact of online platforms on offline retail, and the shrinking of channels, traditional toys have to put aside their consistent manufacturing style if they want to continue to make a difference in the new consumer era. , Embrace new changes and trends with an open attitude.

According to public information, the current domestic children's consumer market is close to 4.5 trillion yuan, of which the children's entertainment consumer market has exceeded 460 billion yuan. With the continuous improvement and upgrade of the consumption structure, the demand in the toy market will inevitably continue to rise. Under such a big background, traditional toys are faced with an excellent opportunity to break the inherent pattern, so the 'reconstruction' is an urgent matter.

To create a benign closed loop, brand and IP are the key

OEM processing has always been one of the labels of most domestic traditional toys. In the absence of core technology, foundries do not have meager profits, and their own rights and interests are very low. They are greatly restricted by the brand and lack market competitiveness. Therefore, from the perspective of development, traditional toys with independent brands have the opportunity to enjoy the right to speak in the market.

As important as the independence of the brand is the development of independent IP. While toys continue to develop intelligently, the top-level traffic that comes with IP can also break the traditional marketing rules to the greatest extent. Taking IP image or story as the entrance of traffic will eventually form a benign closed loop within the brand. However, whether it is for brands or IP, if you want to gain market recognition, you need to have a process of constant trial and error. Only products that are deposited over time can truly gain the favor of consumers.

Building brands and IP is a painful process for companies. In recent years, affected by the game industry, market supervision, and market education, IP valuations have begun to accelerate. IP incubation also faces greater risks. IP development takes a long time, and competition on the content side has always existed. In addition, the domestic market access is still fragmented, the market is fragmented, and the liquidation period is uncontrollable. But in the past decade or so, companies that have survived various economic waves and industrial changes have relied on two banners to survive.

Expand its own advantages and clarify product positioning

In addition to brand power and product power, price and channels are the two major advantages of traditional toys. In the case of high cost of foreign brand deployment and limited technical thresholds for smart toys, the price advantage will help traditional toys to occupy the sinking domestic market more efficiently and quickly.

However, if you want to achieve more sustainable development, it is inevitable for traditional toys to explore the mid-to-high-end market. With middle-class families gradually becoming the mainstay of market consumption, quality has become a consumer's The highest requirements. Therefore, different traditional toys must be clear about their own positioning, whether to fight a price war in the sinking market or to provide the most quality service in the mid-to-high-end market. In terms of channels, since Internet talents have begun to penetrate into various industries in recent years, brands can reach consumer terminals through new channels and gameplay, which also makes traditional toys no longer “traditional”.

The particularity of the toy industry is that its consumer terminals are children or teenagers, but the terminals they buy are parents. Therefore, the content value and educational significance of toys are very important. In the absence of intelligent blessing, traditional toys should have more exercise abilities in terms of hands-on, brain-work, and agility.

But from the perspective of the development trend of toys, the combination of traditional toys and technology is an inevitable systematic layout. The single model will eventually replace the diversified model, and the distinction between traditional toys and smart toys will become more and more blurred. Only by continuing the advantages of their respective sub-categories can they give 'new' toys a stronger market penetration.

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