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Will video games cause physical toys to die?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-09

The American magazine 'The New Yorker' published an article reporting the decline in profits of Hasbro and Mattel Toys, and they attributed the decline of the toy industry to the rise of the game industry.

The author Ted Trautman did not regard the decline in the profit of the toy industry as a bad omen. Instead, he analyzed the phenomenon behind the phenomenon and speculated why children are staying away from toys and figures.

In short, the culprit is video games, which provide children with more interesting entertainment activities. They can play alone, and the game itself provides the background story (unlike 'Transformers' and 'Special Forces' toys, which rely on external cartoon plots). And you can play wherever you go. Mobile phones and tablets are emerging game platforms.

In addition, games like 'Spyro the Dragon' and 'Disney Infinity' also play important roles. They blur the line between toys and video games, but the dolls they sell cannot It can be regarded as the sales volume of the toy industry, because those are game accessories.

The traditional toy industry is indeed facing severe challenges, but we should also see that Lego, the toy giant not only has not been hit, but has launched a variety of electronic games authorized by its own brand.

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