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Will toy leasing become a new trend in the development of the industry? What are the advantages?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-11

Toy leasing has become a popular term, so will toy leasing become a new trend in the development of the industry? Where are its advantages?

Toy leasing is not a new idea. It is estimated that many people, like me, have thought about this direction a long time ago. Many people have established toy leasing companies, but none of them Too successful.

A few years ago, I talked to a young mother about the entrepreneurial direction of toy leasing. She did not approve of it. She felt that there was a hygiene problem, and the per capita household expenditure on toys was not high at that time, about a few hundred. yuan.

In the early stage of toy leasing, a large amount of money needs to be invested to purchase toys. Families with spending power are more willing to buy them because they are concerned about the hygiene of leased toys, while families without spending power are less willing to spend money On rental toys.

Now that a few years have passed, looking back at the entrepreneurial direction of toy leasing, with the introduction of the national two-child policy, consumption upgrades, and the rapid development of the mobile Internet, there is suddenly some turning point.

First of all, the introduction of the two-child policy is good. In 2016, Beijing is expected to add 300,000 new births with household registration. Provincial capital cities are expected to add more than 5 million new children each year. Second and third-tier cities across the country are expected to add 10 million new students each year. Children, with the full liberalization of the second-child policy, the future potential of the toy market is also considerable.

The second is the consumption upgrade. The family income per capita is getting higher and higher. Parents are paying more and more attention to the feelings of their children and are willing to spend more money on toys.

Another result of the consumption upgrade is that toys are becoming more and more high-end. In the past, the types and functions of toys were relatively single, but now there will even be relatively high-end toys such as smart robots, which are expensive and expensive. Toys that can only be played for a period of time, parents prefer to rent rather than buy.

The development of the mobile Internet is also a good thing for toy leasing, allowing toy leasing to have more profit models.

For example, the company invites a few children who rent toys to experience the new toys. You can do an online live broadcast. During the live broadcast, you can find some children’s daily necessities merchants to cooperate, provide some prizes for promotion, or help They get a commission on sales.

For example, users can be organized, online and offline communities can be established, and offline parties for playing toys or other activities can be organized regularly.

The traditional toy leasing industry is an asset-heavy industry, because the price of toy leasing generally has to be one-tenth of the toy purchase price before customers will find it cost-effective.

In other words, if a customer pays one hundred yuan, he has to let him enjoy a thousand yuan or more of toys, plus the initial promotion expenses, which will take up a lot of money. Only by reaching a certain scale and producing economies of scale can costs be reduced.

In the past, toy leasing startups could only continue to increase their investment in toys. This is a funding black hole. Many companies failed to keep up with subsequent funding and went bankrupt.

Now in the era of Internet +, toy rental can be used as a connected entrance, and it is more convenient to cooperate with various children's product companies, event organization companies, and children's training companies.

In addition to the rental of toys for individual users, there is another aspect that is very optimistic about the rental of toys for businesses, such as the rocking cart for children sitting at the entrance of the store, and the inflatable castle playground for children in the park.

Provide a professional toy rental program for businesses with venues. This direction is also particularly good. Parents with children should have a lot of experience.

In the long term, I am optimistic about China’s toy rental industry. In the United States, there are 63 million children under the age of 12. In Asia, the figure is 1.11 billion, but the 63 million children in the United States consume toys from Asia. More than double the 1.11 billion children. In the long run, toy rental has huge room for development.

Of course I also know that it is not easy to do a good job in toy leasing. There are huge opportunities and risks, but I believe that there are always entrepreneurs who can dig a pot of gold in this market.

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