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Which toy is good for children aged 0-6? Zanbaby toy series 3C compulsory certification

by:Toysmax     2021-06-18

Prepare several toys for your baby, which can not only be used to coax the baby, but also can be a tool for the baby to learn. For example, toys such as cars, kitchen utensils, puzzles, building blocks, etc. can not only allow children to play role-playing, but also mobilize children's hands-on operation ability, help children better understand and cultivate their thinking skills, and help them as soon as possible Children learn to share and establish awareness of rules and collaboration.

Zanbaby brand focuses on the 0-6 year old enlightenment educational toys. All products have passed the national testing standards and obtained the 3C mandatory certificate issued by the state. The product series are divided into crib bell series, educational rattle series, enlightenment musical instrument series, educational car series, electric music series, educational early education series, play house series, baby daily use series, etc. Comprehensive and diversified products serve every consumer.

Zanbabe 3 in 1 puzzle rattle

Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, safe and non-toxic, good toughness, impact resistance, not easy to break: safe The hollowed-out distance avoids hand jamming in the gap, and the hollowed-out edges are rounded to avoid burrs cutting hands; the built-in small ball cannot be taken out separately, which is safe to use.

Zanbaby puzzle rattle set

Objects of different shapes help Jiabao understand and remember the world around him, and various shapes of rattles The combination promotes the baby's audiovisual and touch development, and exercises the baby's coordination ability of using both hands and brain.

Zanbaby Shaking Music

The product is designed with a frosted process, which is not easy to wear the surface and maintains its beauty for a long time; built-in glass beads, which emits 'sand' when shaken The sound and soft sound help the baby's auditory sensory development: the arc-shaped handle has a three-dimensional raised pattern design, which is non-slip and easy to grip, which helps the baby's tactile development.

Zanbaby's 5-piece enlightenment instrument set

Bright colors, harmonious color matching, exercise the baby's ability to recognize colors, and promote visual development; sand hammer The 'rustlingBaby’s vital capacity; the product uses environmentally friendly materials, round, no edges and corners, thick substance, toughness, impact resistance, not easy to break, and it is safer for babies to use.

Zanbaby Early Education Puzzle Sand Egg

Cute and colorful, small and light, easy to grasp, lightly shake, it will emit ' The sound of 'shasha' helps the baby's auditory and sensory development; while playing games, it also cultivates the baby's interest in first music. The environmentally friendly materials and the round shape are safe to use.

Zanbaby Educational Car Series

1. A variety of models are available to attract the baby's interest, the colors are rich and bright, and the baby's visual development is promoted;

2. Pull the pull back car slightly back and let go, the car will speed forward quickly, full of power, and cultivate the baby's hands-on ability;

3, the pull back design does not require batteries, is environmentally friendly, durable, and feels solid , Good toughness, impact resistance, not easy to break;

4. Race with your friends to see whose car is running fast, exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination and fine hand movements, and promote it through games The emotional exchange of partners.

Zanbaby Play House Series

1. Freely decorate the small cake, the small accessories on the cake can be detached, use your imagination to decorate your birthday Cake;

2, gorgeous luminous candles, create a dream party atmosphere;

3, Velcro cut surface, stick firmly, easy to cut, repeated use without losing stickiness;

4. Equipped with exquisite cake inner layer stickers, cut the cake, and the slices are also colorful;

5. Children love playing house games. Through role-playing, children learn to share and learn to communicate.

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