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Which is better for children's eye protection? Baby snail teaches you to buy

by:Toysmax     2021-06-16

Nowadays, many children like to play on the computer at home, without protecting their eyes, which leads to myopia. In addition, most children have good eyesight, which is caused by their own bad habits and the genetic genes of their parents. Many parents are therefore anxious and seek various treatments for their children's vision. In addition to surgery, there is a kind of children's eye protection lamp on the market, which can effectively protect children's eyesight from deteriorating. It is very popular with parents. So which kind of children's eye protection lamp is better? Baby snail teaches you to buy.

1. Luminescence stability

One of the main reasons why the eye protection lamp can play a better eye protection effect is that it has a good luminescence Stable performance. High-quality eye protection products often use high-quality light sources to meet the requirements of non-flickering and high stability.

2, the correct color temperature

The color temperature of the eye protection lamp is very important. Too high color temperature is more likely to make children’s eyes tired. For the eye protection lamp, it is better to keep the correct color. It is best to have the same color temperature as the natural light at 10 am to protect the children's eyes.

3. Lighting area

High-quality eye protection products have the characteristics of uniform light emission, large lighting area, no glare and shadows, so that they have the effect of eye protection, and vice versa. Damage the child's eyes.

The snail baby child eye protection lamp adopts high-quality luminous source, good luminous stability, soft and bright color temperature, no stimulation, uniform luminescence, large lighting area, no dizziness, and great eye protection effect It is the first choice of eye protection lamp brand for children.

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