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Which building block toy is good? Happy Mart Qiao Li Gong jigsaw puzzle blocks to stimulate children's potential

by:Toysmax     2021-05-23

According to industry statistics, there is a big difference between the maintenance and maintenance of plastic toys and wooden toys. The building blocks are made of magnetic, wood, plastic, EVA foam and other materials. And Happy Mart's Qiao Li Gong puzzle blocks have a variety of colors, which is convenient for developing children's wisdom and potential, while also attracting children's attention and improving children's hands-on ability.

The works presented by Happy Mart’s Qiao Li Gong puzzle blocks are all wet and lifelike blocks, allowing children to not only express the beauty of the form, but also To express the sense of modeling examples. When children play, think, and do things simultaneously, they can fully develop their intelligence, improve their imagination, train their skills and operation levels, and cultivate their logical thinking ability.

Happy Mart Qiao Ligong puzzle blocks have two different shapes. The advantage of this design is that no matter how the child is spliced, they will not Something went wrong. Even if the child gets two pieces of the same style, they can be spliced u200bu200btogether, and the thickness of the two pieces is the same. Happy Mart’s Qiao Li Gong puzzle blocks make a complete pattern through the division of rich colors and simple prompts, exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability, multi-function enlightenment cognition of numbers and letters, free combination forms, give full play to the child’s nature and let the child Learn while playing.

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