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Which brand of magnetic block toy is good

by:Toysmax     2021-05-09

Magnetic sheet building block toys are one of the new types of toys that have emerged rapidly in recent years. Because of their strong playability, adults and children can play. It also allows children's creativity, scientific thinking, reasoning, mathematical thinking, imagination, modeling skills, logic, curiosity, and sensory development skills to be organically combined, and balanced development, and is welcomed by more and more parents. However, because most people do not know the brand of magnetic sheet blocks and the price of magnetic sheet blocks, they do not know what kind of magnetic sheet blocks should be bought. Often parents buy inappropriate brands and make it inconvenient to play or easy to damage, etc. . So what brand is good for magnetic building block toys?

Pay attention to sales volume and word-of-mouth, look at sales volume and look at word-of-mouth

When parents buy magnetic blocks, they usually choose high-selling products as alternatives, but sales are only part of shopping The reference conditions, not the decisive factors, are more important to look at the user reviews of the product. The high sales volume and the good reputation will make the quality of the magnetic blocks more convincing. Although some domestic brands have high sales, the reviews are very poor, because they are taking the low-cost and low-cost route, so the quality cannot be guaranteed. Choosing this type of brand, although the price is low, but the experience will be very poor, and some even use recycled plastic, there are hidden dangers to the health and safety of the children, for the picky users, it is simply to spend money to buy.

Understand the historical evolution and know the authenticity to make the right choice

To trace the roots, the founding brand of 3D magnetic sheet building block toys is Magformers from South Korea. Since its launch in 2005, it has focused on the development of magnetic sheet building block toys for more than ten years and has won numerous toy awards in many countries, and has won the United States Oppenham Toy Gold Award for many consecutive years. In terms of historical evolution, the 3D magnetic block toy is Magformers. But as we all know, many international brands are processed in China, but they are produced and managed in accordance with the standards and materials of the international market and international brands. Its influence in the industry is so-called huge. The domestic magnetic film brand NEOFORMERS is one of Magformers' domestic foundries. Before that, NEOFORMERS has also been focusing on exporting, and its quality has won the affirmation of the United States, Germany, Japan and other markets. In China, NEOFORMERS belongs to the mid-range positioning and is the best choice for parents pursuing cost-effectiveness. You can buy quality magnetic film toys of international brands at the price of domestic brands. Beci has been working hard!

Understand the function and price, high cost performance is the king.

Magnetic block is a new type of children's toy, so parents are advised to learn about its gameplay and styles before buying. At present, there are six easy ways to use magnetic blocks on the market: pulling up, rolling, enclosing, folding, combining, and deforming, allowing children to quickly assemble their favorite shapes, from simple flat 2D graphics to rich and varied 3D shapes . The styles are similar to 46, 56, 78, 112, 332, etc. Of course, the number of magnetic plates in different sets of brands will vary. Generally, the market price of magnetic block building blocks with a number of about 40 pieces is about 200 yuan. Generally, low-priced products have poor magnetic force and use recycled plastics, so it is not recommended to buy them. Of course, when referring to prices, parents should not blindly pursue high prices, which means high quality and high functionality, and rational analysis is needed.

Find out which magnetic block brand is more professional from brand focus

In the face of the huge toy market, many toy brands always focus on one category of toys, and they have a professional Ru0026D team. , Pay more attention to the quality of toys and service quality, especially the playability of toys, which is more comprehensive and diversified. On the contrary, the more well-known toy brands have huge toy categories, and their scientific research focus is not as high as that of professional brands.

Magnetic film toys not only bring endless fun to children, but also stimulate their creativity and independent thinking ability. Although the current high-quality magnetic film toys on the market are relatively expensive, they are expensive. Parents are advised to consider their actual situation when purchasing, and from various considerations, I believe they will be able to buy satisfactory magnetics. Piece of building block toy.

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