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When building blocks meet technology, the new favorite of puzzles is born

by:Toysmax     2021-06-05

Explosive replenishment, endless new products...Every toy is freshly released, just like good news in the delivery room of the design department. Colleagues stand together in twos and threes and start to look at the little guy in their hands. Next, the designer will first Selectively absorb nutrients for it for a time to further perfect the shape, and this is how the super building block is born!

Building blocks with electronics, personalized toys are in their own way! Abundant game scenes, place blocks to release imagination, pursue perfect quality, and ingenious detail processing!

Why crowdfunding? The heart-shaped dynamic dividing line will bring a different experience to children's play styles every time a breakthrough of ideas and technological upgrades are made! Building blocks + technology, this time, we are not only upgrading, but also a subversive revolution. We also believe that this revolution will bring new happiness to the baby's childhood! Enough passion, dreams, and guarding that innocence, we look forward to your support, welcome to join!

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