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When a toy hits Douyin, the data tells you how to seize the blue ocean of the toy market

by:Toysmax     2021-05-14

According to the data of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the maternal and infant market reached 3.2 trillion in 2018, a year-on-year growth rate of 10%, and is expected to reach a market size of 5.05 trillion in 2023. The maternal and infant market will continue to grow, and the consumption of core products will increase simultaneously with the number and consumption. As a dark horse of the Internet, Douyin is one of the indispensable channels for maternal and child categories. With more than 250 million daily active users, more and more people see the value of Douyin and use Douyin to achieve commercial marketing. . So, as a major category of toys for mothers and babies, what kind of performance does it have on Douyin?

Toy videos have the highest playback volume

Data shows that among all kinds of TikTok maternal and infant videos, toys have the largest playback volume. It can be seen that the toy evaluation experiment is the user Favorite content. Evaluation videos can arouse users' curiosity, and at the same time have a more intuitive understanding of toy performance and gameplay, which has a good effect on product promotion. At present, some brands have teamed up with Internet celebrities to promote their brands on social content platforms such as Douyin.

Toy video likes ranks second, but the most popular among family roles

Among the major categories of mothers and babies, the overall like rate Higher than the comment rate, the comment rate among different categories converges.

In the role classification, Bao Da, Bao Mom, and grandparents all have the highest praise rate in the toy category. Among them, Bao Da’s praise rate is higher than the other two types of characters. Therefore, toy videos are the most popular in the family, and the feature of toys to enhance parent-child interaction is one of the reasons.

In age classification, young parents have a higher rate of like toys. Young parents are mostly only children. Their education level is generally higher than that of older generation parents, and their educational concepts are more advanced and open. , In the process of parenting, pay more attention to entertaining and entertaining, so that children can grow up in play.

The playing volume of building blocks is the highest, and the spreading effect of plush dolls is the best

As far as the entire toy category is concerned, building blocks are not suspenseful. The category that audio users pay the most attention to is ranked first in terms of play volume, and the spread effect is good. In actual sales, the sales of building block toys on major e-commerce platforms are also among the best. The building block puzzle is a combination of educational and fun toys, which can exercise children's observation ability, practical ability, imagination, creativity, social skills, etc. Building blocks are not only suitable for children, many adults also buy building blocks. According to a survey by NPD, the adult purchase rate of Lego in the UK market is about 9%. Therefore, the target consumers of assembled building blocks have a wide coverage and strong social attributes, which is one of the reasons why the video playback volume ranks first.

In the Internet era, Douyin has become an important channel for toy brand promotion and toy online store sales. However, when traffic is getting more and more expensive and it is more and more difficult to acquire customers, how to make a strategic layout Good content, let high-quality products and innovative ideas reach consumers, let users have a sense of trust in the brand, and create new marketing positions are things that toy brands and toy stores need to practice and explore.

Data source: Big Engine Commercial Arithmetic Center '2019 Douyin Maternal and Infant Group Analysis Report'

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