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What toys are suitable for 0-1 year old babies? Zanbaby four-piece puzzle rattle to exercise your baby's sensory and tactile development

by:Toysmax     2021-06-19

What toys are suitable for 0-1 year old babies? As a new parent, you may be confused when choosing toys for your baby. Why don't you choose the four-piece baby puzzle rattle set for your baby. It is not only colorful but also cute and interesting. The most important thing is that it can Make a sound while shaking, and easily exercise your baby's sensory and tactile development ability and finger grasping ability.

The four-piece Zanbabe puzzle rattle is very suitable for 0-1 year old babies to play and use. The rich colors can promote the baby’s cognition. The hand can make sound, which can stimulate the child's auditory sensory thinking ability. The graspable design allows the baby's little hands to perceive the fun of the toy, allowing the baby to exercise finger grip and sensory and tactile development capabilities while having fun. .

Zanbaby brand toys cover baby bed bell series, educational rattle series, enlightenment musical instrument series, educational car series, electric music series, educational early education series, baby daily use series, etc. Nearly a hundred products. The brand has been established in just 4 years, and has been stationed in RT-Mart, China Resources, Jusco, CP, Auchan and other large chain supermarket systems and large chain maternal and child systems such as Love, Cute and Affinity. The quality is recognized by consumers!

All Zanbabe products have passed the national testing standards and obtained the 3C mandatory certificate issued by the country; so consumers can buy more at ease, Distributors are more at ease! At present, Zanbabe is actively attracting investment in blank areas across the country, and sincerely invites your franchise agents. If you need to know more about franchise agents, please leave a message for consultation!

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