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What to play for babies who are learning to crawl and toddler stage, early education experts will tell you

by:Toysmax     2021-06-11

When the baby is six months old, he will slowly sit and crawl. Waiting for 12 months is the development period of the baby's big movements, and it is also an important stage of enlightenment and rapid start for the baby's multiple intelligences.

Early education experts will tell you what to play with babies in the stages of crawling and toddlers.

Based on this, early education experts: I suggest parents use sound and light The educational toy that integrates parent-child interaction always guides babies to crawl, trains stacking ability, improves cognition and thinking ability, and guides babies to use their brains to do parent-child interactive games, instill parent-child concepts, enlighten interpersonal skills, and allow babies to develop diversifiedly.

The five steps of Huile's parent-child tortoise educational crawling toy for babies to learn and develop:

1. Sensory development: The light flashes regularly with the rhythm. It can stimulate the baby's visual development and improve visual sensitivity. Interesting nursery rhymes, brisk melody, promote auditory development and improve listening.

2. Movement development: hand movements such as pulling, pulling, folding and sticking are conducive to the training of fine hand movements; 3 parent-child modes guide babies of different months to climb, walk, and run to develop major movements Exercise and body balance ability.

3. Interpersonal communication: In the three parent-child modes, the vivid and humorous parent-child dialogue can guide the interaction between the baby and the toy, use the brain to do parent-child games, instill parent-child concepts, and enlighten the ability of interpersonal communication.

Fourth, thinking development: touch pronunciation and parent-child interactive games, guiding babies to initially recognize the simple causal relationship between their actions and toy effects, and promote the development of early thinking.

Fifth, language development: Various types of Chinese learning audios allow babies to subtly accept the influence of Chinese culture and culture since childhood. The vivid and humorous parent-child dialogue guides the baby to interact with the toy and enlighten the language intelligence.

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