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What smart chat doll makes babies no longer lonely

by:Toysmax     2021-06-17

With the visible progress, children's toys have become more and more sci-fi charm. Toys are no longer limited to children's own play, but also have interactive capabilities. Recently, the engineer father released the world's first WeChat chat doll-Meme. Well, when parents are busy, they can accompany lonely babies well, with the following characteristics.

•WeChat chat: As long as the doll is connected to the WiFi at home, through the mobile phone WeChat client of mom and dad, you can have a WeChat conversation. No matter where parents are, communication is barrier-free.

•Smart interaction: Who interacts with the baby more frequently? Mom and Dad’s WeChat terminal records every moment of interaction and staged the PK of love every day.

•Group management: How does the doll manage the group members, who can receive the message of the doll group, do you make it? Group management will help you, and all the bad things will be blocked!

•Massive resources: The list of 'Engineer Dad' stories is constantly updated on Mom and Dad’s phones, and you can subscribe to the massive stories and other content! Push to the doll through the cloud, and the playlist can be customized and switched as you like.

•Puzzle Qu0026A: Listen to stories with mom and dad, and set up an exclusive remote story quiz to strengthen parent-child communication and interaction.

•Interesting voice: Adults also sell cute, the series of emoticons dubbing exclusive debut, parent-child communication fun upgrades, cute!

•One-button operation: The product has only one button and is well-designed. It has the same user experience as using WeChat. You can send and receive voices and listen to stories.

•Smart reminder: device connection, offline, low battery, real-time reminder on WeChat mobile client.

Since the inception of Momo, it has been well-known for leading the industry in all-round care, and it has been welcomed by children and made them feel lonely.

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