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What parents should pay attention to when buying toys for babies How to choose toys for babies

by:Toysmax     2021-06-08

Toys should not be unfamiliar. There are a variety of toys in the mall that many children love, but you should choose suitable toys for babies to play with, and children of different ages are also There are different toys to play with, and toys suitable for babies can also help babies develop their intelligence. How to choose toys for babies? Let's understand it together below.

1. The ones that are suitable for the baby's month-old age are the best.

For babies under 1 year old, never choose toys for babies over 3 years old, because If you choose a toy that is not suitable for your baby's age, it is likely to cause harm to your baby. In addition, it is too advanced, and the baby may not be interested. As the mental development of each stage is different, the applicability and enlightenment of toys to babies are also different.

2. Personally choose baby toys

It is recommended that parents of babies under 1 year old go to the mall or physical store to personally choose toys. Although both online shopping and phone shopping are now more developed, and toys are cheap and attractive discounts, personal selection means that you can carefully check whether toys are equipped with small accessories, whether they are durable enough, and so on. Parents must not be sloppy, lest the baby may play with, swallow small parts, and 'disassemble eight pieces' of toys because of curiosity.

3. The brand is guaranteed

It is best to buy big-name toys for your baby when economic conditions permit, because the toys produced by regular toy manufacturers are marked with age suitable for your baby to play Marking, and material selection, safety and firmness, hygiene and other aspects can be more effectively guaranteed. Buying toys that are so-called foreign-only products because they are cheap can easily cause hidden dangers to your baby's healthy growth.

4. Baby toys should be more refined, not too much

Some studies have shown that for babies, too many toys are counterproductive, making babies not know how to cherish, pay attention to and sound. The cultivation of personality is also quite disadvantageous. Therefore, when parents play with toys for their babies, it is best to only play with one toy and replace them after a period of time. This will cultivate the baby's good habit of focusing. Moreover, the toys that have been played with are put on for a period of time and then taken out, it will be fresh for the baby again, and parents will also find the progress shown by the baby in the process of playing with the toys.

The above is an introduction to how to choose toys for your baby. You should have an understanding now. Toys cannot be ignored in your baby’s life. They are also indispensable for many babies. Therefore, how to buy toys for your baby is for parents. We should pay attention, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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