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What material is the plush toy made of? What are the characteristics

by:Toysmax     2021-05-06

Plush toy is a kind of toy. It is made of plush fabric and other textile materials as the main fabric and filled with various fillers. The English name is (plush toy), which can also be called Soft toys, stuffed toys, currently we habitually call the plush toy industry a plush toy.


The plush toys are realistic and cute, soft to the touch, not afraid of squeezing, easy to clean, strong decoration, high safety, suitable for the crowd Extensive and other characteristics. Therefore, plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decoration of houses, and gifts.

According to the characteristics of the products, plush toys are classified into the following four categories:

1. According to the production characteristics of plush toys, the products basically have fillers, so they can be generalized Say plush toys and cloth plush toys are referred to as stuffed toys.

2. According to whether they are filled, they can be divided into stuffed toys and non-stuffed toys;

3, stuffed toys are used differently according to their appearance. There are plush stuffed toys, velvet stuffed toys, and plush stuffed toys;

4. According to the appearance of the toy, it can be divided into stuffed animal toys, equipped with high-intelligence electronics, movement, audio animal toys or dolls , Various holiday gifts and toys;

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