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What kind of toys should I buy in infants? Is Rikang Rattle suitable for infants?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-09

The child’s senses are very keen. Various smells, sounds, textures, colors and tastes made him feel fresh and excited. His cognition of the world is obtained through the contact between the body and things. So what toys are suitable for babies in infancy? How about baby Rikang rattles?

Infant Rikang rattles are made of safe and non-toxic PP material, with safe quality, bright colors, oval handle design, fine workmanship, no burrs, easy for babies to grasp Hold it and make a ringing sound, every arc feels comfortable, and the baby is more relaxed and safe to hold. The sound quality of the ringing ring is clear, soft and not harsh, to attract the baby to distinguish the direction of the sound source, improve the hearing sensitivity of the ear, protect the baby's hearing, promote the auditory development, enhance the baby's auditory development, and help the baby grow up healthily. The bright colors give babies visual stimulation, improve their early recognition of colors, and help develop their visual sensitivity and discrimination; the design of shaking in different directions can attract the baby's play fun and train the baby's ability to follow , Extend the time for your baby to practice sitting, exercise your back concentration, and slowly master your own balance ability. At the same time, it can attract the baby to reach out and touch or raise your head for training. The gentle ringing can attract the baby to turn and turn over to find the sound source. It is helpful for the baby to develop the skills of big movements and improve the hand-eye coordination ability.

Infant and young children’s Rikang rattles fully consider the baby’s developmental characteristics in terms of design, color and shape, and can soothe the baby’s emotions.

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