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What kind of toys are suitable for babies from 6-18 months? Zanbaby's sound toy series help babies grow

by:Toysmax     2021-06-18

Since pregnancy, mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be have begun to show something for their babies. Food, clothing, housing, toys, etc. will be prepared in advance. Although toys are not very necessary for newborns, babies can touch a lot of toys after 6 months. So, what toys are suitable for babies aged 6-18 months? ZanBabe recommends the series of audio toys to parents. I wonder if the parents are interested in learning about it.

Zanbaby toy series: mini musical instrument combination

Thickness of substance, exquisite craftsmanship, edging and seam safety treatment, metal fittings are fixed inside the product. Take it out separately to improve the safety of use; the product is round and has no edges and corners, and the grip position has a three-dimensional convex anti-skid design, which is convenient for small children to grasp. Crisp and soft; different musical instruments such as the 'sand' of the sand hammer, the 'rumble' of the dragon bell and so on have their own unique timbre, which can strengthen the baby's feeling and recognition of the sound, and follow the rhythm of the music, during the game. Cultivate your baby's sense of melody and rhythm, and let your baby fall in love with music.

The Zanbaby toy series brand was established in just three years. It has been stationed in RT-Mart, China Resources, Jusco, CP, Auchan and other large chain supermarket systems. The quality of the large-scale chain maternal and child system is recognized by consumers! Therefore, if you intend to represent our products, you can now leave a message for consultation through the Global Baby and Children Network.

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