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What kind of entertainment for children is more dangerous and how can parents prevent it

by:Toysmax     2021-06-09

Even in this information age, children still like to play in the traditional way, but these outdoor recreational activities may also bring dangers. You need to spend a little time to understand the dangers that these facilities may bring and know how to do it To ensure the safety of the child.

Inflatable trampoline

The trampoline is fun, but sometimes it can also be dangerous. In recent years, reports of accidents on trampolines have become widespread. But that doesn't mean you have to forbid your children to play on the trampoline. The best solution is to ensure that children play under adult supervision. If children play with their playmates, make sure that the children are similar in age and body shape, otherwise they may accidentally collide and cause fractures.

Rope skipping

Rope skipping is an activity suitable for all ages. However, carelessness may cause fractures when skipping rope. If you plan to let your child skip rope, please pay attention to avoid the child making some thrills during the rope skipping process. In addition, guarding devices such as railings, ropes, etc. must be set up around the venue and the activity must be carried out under adult supervision.

Entertainment facilities in the hospital

Some entertainment facilities in the hospital are safe if used reasonably, but some more active children are easily injured when they play. Therefore, children need adult supervision while playing. At the same time, it is also very important to add a soft cover on the ground.


In recent years, public entertainment facilities have become more and more secure. However, when taking children to these places, care should be taken to select suitable equipment for them to ensure that the equipment is not damaged or aging.

Coin-operated cradles

These coin-operated cradles seem very harmless, but they can sometimes throw children away because of the lack of necessary fixtures on the seats. Get out. Therefore, mothers can consider saving coins when they encounter these cars that lack fixed facilities next time.

Amusement vehicles in amusement parks

A trip to the amusement park is indispensable during holidays, but amusement parks are often reported in newspapers because of some safety incidents. In order to reduce the risk that children take, be sure to avoid being overweight when riding in amusement vehicles and wear seat belts. If the children do not listen to the advice, then they are forbidden to enter the amusement park.

Children’s Pool

A small, portable pool allows children to swim in their own yard. However, it is still possible for children to drown in such shallow water. Therefore, when the children are playing, parents must be around to look after them.

Trees and tree houses

For some children, nothing is more attractive than a tree for them to climb. Although parents can't bear to deprive children of fun, the necessary protection is also indispensable. Check the trees to ensure that there are no fragile branches and limit the height of the children's climbing. Even if you want to build a tree house, don't build it too far from the ground.


Ice surface, steep slope, young children, it is obvious that this combination is prone to accidents. If you plan to take your child to ski, carefully choose the right equipment for your child and make sure that there are no obstacles where he skis.

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