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What is the prospect of the children's toy market

by:Toysmax     2021-05-19

There are many people who want to invest in entrepreneurship now, and they say that the children's toy market has a very good prospect and is worth investing in. So what is the prospect of the children's toy market? This issue arouses the attention of investors. In order to help them make the right investment choices, professional analysis is shared here.

40% annual growth rate. According to the 2013 census, there were 223 million people aged 14 and under in China, accounting for approximately 16.4% of the total population in Mainland China. According to Euromonitor Information Consulting, the total retail sales of toys and games in China rose from 46.3 billion yuan in 2010 to 68.9 billion yuan in 2013, with an average annual growth rate of 14.2%, and was affected by the financial crisis in Europe and the United States. , 50% of China’s export companies turn to the domestic market; coupled with the two-child policy in 2013, it is expected that China’s future toy consumption growth rate will reach more than 40%. 20 times the growth space According to the statistics of the China Toy Association, the United States and other developed countries attach great importance to the important role of toys in the growth of children. In the United States, the per capita consumption of each child on toys is 350 US dollars, while the average consumption of Chinese children’s toys is about 10 to 15 US dollars, which is more than 20 times the difference in per capita consumption. The 200 billion children consumer market in China currently has a population of 223 million under the age of 14, and about 17 million babies are born every year. Coupled with the gradual liberalization of the two-child policy in 2013, an additional 3 million newborns will be added every year. Children are the motherland. The future of China is the hope of the whole family. Parents hope that their children will win at the starting line. With the increase of family income, the family's expenditure on children has become the largest item of family consumption expenditure, especially as the children grow This is especially true for toys and entertainment consumption that are indispensable in China. According to estimates by the Shanghai Municipal Government, the annual output value of Shanghai Disneyland will reach 50 billion after it is put into use, and the children's toy entertainment market in 2014 has reached 800 billion. What is the prospect of the children's toy market? The 300 billion children's gift market. China is a country of etiquette. Gifts will be given to each other during visits to relatives and friends, birthday celebrations, etc., and gifts to children are indispensable. According to statistics from the China Consumers Association, the gift-giving consumption in 2012 was nearly 800 billion, while the gift-giving consumption for children was as high as 300 billion. In the just-needed consumer market, domestic families pay the most attention to the happy growth and education of their children. Before the child is born, parents will invest a lot of money to buy a lot of toys and supplies for the future baby; and after the child is born, the child’s freshness is strong. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly update the purchase of toys; plus the gifts of grandparents, grandparents, and relatives and friends; according to the mainland market survey of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, parents generally celebrate their children’s birthday (94%) and Children’s Day (88%) Use toys as gifts for children. 93% of the interviewed parents hope that their children will have a happy and happy childhood, and will continue to buy toys to meet their children's needs; for older children (6-14 years old), parents will use toys as gifts to reward their children's hard work (93% ). The above is an analysis of the prospects of the children's toy market. In summary, the prospects of the children's toy market are very attractive, with great investment potential, and the profitability of opening a store is beyond imagination. With the opening of the second-child policy and the increase in people's spending power, the consumer demand for children's toys will further expand, and investors have good prospects for doing this business.

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