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What is the best item for the baby to catch the week?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-08

Catch the week is a traditional ritual to predict the future and temperament of a child, and parents attach great importance to it. Once there is a baby in the family to catch the week, various books, abacus, golden rice bowl, writing brush, etc. will be prepared for the baby to catch by himself. HONGTAIZI's first-year gift for the baby's first birthday gift set is very suitable for the occasion!

HONGTAIZI's food-grade material of the week catching supplies and props set does not contain bisphenol A, has passed the SGS authoritative certification, meets the national safety standards, and has independently developed toners, no smell , No fluorescent agent, no harmful additives, you can safely let your baby bite. HONGTAIZI's weekly catching supplies and props set can also be used for multiple purposes. It is not only a baby's catching toy, but also can be upgraded to refrigerator magnets, making the idle catching items become interesting refrigerator magnets.

At the same time, the HONGTAIZI Catch Week Prop Set has bright and rich colors, which can improve the baby's color recognition and visual development, and perfectly balance the quality and eye protection function. Put it in high-temperature water and boil it safely, the high temperature resistance reaches 120℃, does not fade or deform, and does not release harmful substances.

HONGTAIZI's single-piece meaning description of the week-catching supplies and props set:

Aircraft: implies pilot and space;

Gold Ingot: It means banker and rich man;

Blackboard: means teacher;

Abacus: means businessman;

Microphone: means singer, host;

Mouse: implying IT elites and designers;

Piano: implying musicians and pianists;

Books: implying learning domineering, the most powerful brain;

Magnifying glass: implying scientists;

Scepter: implying officials and civil servants;

Chapter board: implying directors and actors;

Medical box: implying doctors;< /p>

Longevity face: meaning health and longevity;

Judge’s hammer: meaning judge and lawyer;

Gold medal: meaning champion and athlete;

Swatches: implying painters and artists;

Camera: implying photographers;

Doctor's cap: implying doctors and professors;

Pistol: implying police officers and soldiers;

Skirt: symbolizes a dancer;

Number one pen: symbolizes a champion in the college entrance examination.

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