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What is suitable for babies 6-12 months to play? Early education experts will tell you

by:Toysmax     2021-06-18

Early education experts say: 6-12 months old babies are full of curiosity about everything around them, and they are very capable of imitating and learning. Therefore, the purchase of simulated daily necessities and toys can attract the baby's attention. By designing some learning voices suitable for the baby's age group, the baby can continuously learn and improve in the play of life experience.

Aobay’s cute learning remote control can fully let the baby experience all the fun of playing with the remote control, and also allows the baby to learn numbers, Chinese and English pronunciation, and listening Changed to real people singing children's songs, learning common sense of life, music is rich and full of fun, let your baby learn while using the remote control! The baby's exclusive private remote control, from now on let the baby never take the father's TV remote control~

The enlightenment series that this toy can bring to the baby:

1. Rich pronunciation, accumulate more language vocabulary.

Second, attract babies to imitate actions and experience life.

Three, teach the baby to know things and cultivate cognitive ability.

Four. Repeatedly touch the buttons to enhance the hand touch, stimulate nerves and intellectual development.

Tips: This product is an electronic product. If water enters the interior, it will damage the electronic components. Please clean the surface with 70 degrees warm water; if the electronic toy is not used for a long time, it must be Take out the battery, otherwise the battery will leak and damage the inside of the toy.

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