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What is a stuffed toy and how to choose a stuffed toy

by:Toysmax     2021-06-11

Maybe many parents are very unfamiliar with stuffed toys, but they are cute in shape, soft, not afraid of squeezing, and strong in decoration. It is a happy new year gift for children from adults. We will follow the Eudora brand together. Go check it out.

What is a stuffed toy?

A stuffed toy is a kind of toy. Toys made. It has the characteristics of softness, cute appearance, Q version, not afraid of squeezing, strong decoration, and a wide range of suitable people. Stuffed toys are good choices for children's toys, decoration of houses, and gifts.

How to choose stuffed toys?

1. Choose according to the age of the child

The first choice is to choose according to the age of the child to meet their different personalized needs.

2. Exterior materials

Whether the exterior materials are considered hygienic is very important, and it is also a major factor in the price.

3. Filling

The filling of stuffed toys is very important, which is another major factor affecting the price.

4. Whether the fixing parts are firm

Check whether the fixing parts of the stuffed toys are firm and whether there are sharp corners.

5. Inner and outer packaging

Check the inner and outer packaging, whether the signs are consistent, whether the moisture-proof performance is good, the inner packaging is a plastic bag, and the opening size exceeds a certain range, there must be vents to prevent children Suffocation occurred when the head was wrongly set.

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