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What electronic building blocks How to play electronic building blocks What are the characteristics of its products

by:Toysmax     2021-05-20

Electronic building blocks are a new type of educational toy invented by retired professor Wang Wenwei. Electronic building blocks are different from traditional wooden building blocks. They are designed based on the characteristics of children’s learning knowledge based on the experience of teaching electronics for decades. . It is composed of plastic blocks containing electronic components, which can be cleverly connected by buttons, and various electronic devices with corresponding functions can be assembled, and there are manual control, sound control, light control, magnetic control, touch, water control, and electric control. Control and other control methods.

Electronic building blocks integrate knowledge, fun, and practicality. Through circuit assembly, you can quickly learn many related electronic circuit knowledge and skills, so that children can relax Quickly step into the wonderful electronic world in your entertainment. It has a detailed manual with 188 legends, from the shallower to the deeper, you can flexibly apply manual control, magnetic control, light control, water control, sound control, electric control, touch and other control methods directly according to the circuit schematic diagram. Quickly assemble all kinds of interesting circuits and practical circuits. Every time you assemble a circuit, you can immediately hear or see the sound and light effect. From kindergarten children to middle school students can choose their own assembled products

Product Features

Electronic building blocks

1. Good safety performance (unique female button connection, safe plastic block stacking and assembly);

2, strong intuitive performance (one-to-one circuit display) Figure, the assembled physical object is exactly the same as the circuit diagram;);

3, the identification method is simple (using the digital serial number and color identification method, can quickly complete various assembly combinations);

4. There are many control methods (with multiple control methods such as hand, magnetism, light, electricity, water, sound, touch, etc.);

5, the sound and light effect is strange (each circuit has sound, light, etc.); , The magical effect of electricity, the integration of knowledge, interest, and practicality);

6. A wide range of adaptations (from children over 5 years old to adults, regardless of whether there is electronic knowledge and electronic Learn the basics and can be easily used);

7. The exposed electronic components are designed for more intuitive learning;

8. The assembled electronic devices can be applied to real life;< /p>

9. Inspire children's interest in learning scientific knowledge;

10. Cultivate creativity and improve hands-on ability;

11. Understand the structure, principle and composition of the product element.

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