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What challenges and opportunities will the children's smart toy market face?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-20

Children's smart toys are now being loved by more and more children, and the market prospects for smart toys are very promising. So what challenges and opportunities will the children's smart toy market face?

There are many challenges

Children’s smart toy companies still need to recognize the reality

For the domestic smart toy market, the biggest The problem is the lack of private label. There are not many domestic companies that have their own brands and their brands are influential and well-known in the market. This directly leads to the fact that smart toy manufacturers have not exchanged reasonable profits from the market after they have produced first-class products.

Some self-developed products will also lack vitality and appeal due to the product image, making the product unable to have a long life cycle and rich value-added return in the market, which makes it difficult to mobilize more With the enthusiasm and creativity of manufacturers, in the long run, the domestic smart toy market will face a cruel test.

In addition, the problem that most domestic smart toy manufacturers rely heavily on the international market cannot be ignored. The heavy reliance on the international market has led to the easy survival and development of enterprises in the turbulent period of the international form. Will be affected subsequently. For domestic manufacturers, it is difficult to maintain long-term stability, and the phenomenon of overnight rise and fall occurs from time to time.

In addition, my country’s children’s smart toy market lacks innovation. Most of the highly homogenized plush electronic pets and simulation dolls have caused consumers’ visual fatigue. In fact, the smart toy industry is just New, strange, weird, diverse packaging and styles have great appeal to children. However, the reality is that some smart toy manufacturers just stick to one or a few products, do not pay attention to research and development of new products, and still use old products to cope with new market competition, focusing on price wars, which is completely meaningless.

From the perspective of children's smart toy products themselves

The children's toy market has developed rapidly from simple functions in the early days to various intelligent operations nowadays. Obviously, economic benefits are an important reason for guiding the development of toys towards intelligence. According to data, global toy sales in 2013 exceeded 92.5 billion U.S. dollars, some of which were replaced by high-profit and high-priced smart toys. In the future, manufacturers will Will increase huge added value and bring higher economic benefits.

Of course, we must also see that smart toys also have high-tech support to bring certain benefits to manufacturers. In terms of function, intelligence and interactivity have become the two most important pain points of smart toys. This is not only reflected in the 'emotional' communication between toys and children, but also in the field of children's emotional care. Smart toys can cultivate children's good habits, learn and experience life in pleasure, and truly achieve the purpose of entertaining and entertaining.

Toy companies have implanted advanced technologies such as electronics, computers, and networks into toy products, breaking through the limitations of traditional toys, giving them the functions of 'listening' and 'speaking' and interacting with people.

Future smart toy market

May realize smart terminal remote control

Remote control toys occupy a large share in the market. In addition, the explosive growth of smart terminals Liquid has given birth to the rise of mobile APP intelligent control toys, which has become the development direction of remote control toys in the future.

With the development of technology, interactive, high-tech toys have gradually become the mainstream of development, and the combination of computer technology and toys has become the future direction of innovation for toy companies. However, it should also be realized that there are still many problems in my country’s smart toy market. The strength of science and technology is still in its infancy and it is difficult to form a large-scale terminal remote control. However, with the gradual improvement and advancement of the toy market, future growth The potential and market size are very attractive. In the future, my country's smart toy market will eventually realize remote control.

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