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What brand of baby cloth book is good? The baby can play in a few months

by:Toysmax     2021-06-10

Baby early education enlightenment, baby cloth book toys are indispensable. It has a history of nearly 100 years and is very popular in developed countries. It is widely praised by infants and young children education experts. It is recognized as 'the best soft educational book for babies. '. So what brand is good for baby cloth books? How many months can the baby play? Let's learn about the LaLa cloth book brand together.

What brand is good for baby cloth books

Baby cloth books are made of cotton cloth, filled with cotton or sponge in the middle, which brings softness and softness to the baby. Comfortable feeling, enhance the fun of learning and playing; equipped with a variety of small accessories to help the baby learn, can also be combined with the content of the cloth book and carefully arranged to give the baby a space to actively perceive and explore.

At the same time, there are many cloth book brands. How to choose a baby cloth book brand suitable for babies has become a problem for many parents. Therefore, the editor recommends the LaLa cloth book brand here. It aims to provide an early education carrier that is more in line with the physiological and psychological development characteristics of Chinese infants and young children, and give full play to the role of reading materials, teaching aids, toys, and props, and improve the early education of infants and young children. Pertinence and effectiveness; a product development team composed of infant education experts, teachers who have been engaged in infant education for many years, and a group of young college students has developed hundreds of cloth book series, which have been received by domestic and foreign educators and The attention of early education institutions.

Baby can play for a few months

Actually, babies can play with cloth book toys before 1 year old. They are safe, environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable. Cloth book not only helps babies establish reading habits and trains their ability to turn books, but also meets the baby's needs during the baby's oral appetite period. Note that the cloth book for the baby should be hygienic, complete and free of fluff, so that the baby can chew the book within a safe range and turn the book.

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