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What are the benefits of baby swimming? Parents hurry up and see

by:Toysmax     2021-06-10

Nowadays, there are many swimming pools for babies and toddlers, whether they are chained or self-made, they are very popular. The current baby-care market is not as monolithic or as traditional as before. Parents of our younger race are more able to accept new things, aren't they? Perhaps when you are reading this article, you are doing this with your baby! Today, let’s take a look at the benefits of swimming for infants and young children.

Infant swimming refers to infants under 12 months of age, under the recognized water quality and temperature, and under the protection of infant swimming rings, through professional one-to-one The services and nursing care of children allow little babies to move autonomously in the water. The principle is: so that the baby can do exercises in the amniotic fluid similar to the mother's.

1.Improve the function of the respiratory system

If you often take a baby to participate in this kind of swimming, through the pressure of the water on the thorax, the intercostal muscles can get a certain exercise, and the alveoli The ventilation volume will gradually increase, and the pectoral muscles and pectoralis minor muscle can be exercised and strengthened.

2. Myocardial exercise

When swimming, it can make the baby's heart muscle become developed, the metabolism will be more vigorous, and the heartbeat will be more powerful compared with babies of the same age. This will prepare you for greater physical load in the future.

3. Improving sleep

Often taking a baby to swim can help the baby establish a better sleep rhythm. Exercise during the day and sleep better at night. At the same time, it can also promote the development of the baby's body.

4. Bodybuilding

Take a baby to swim, which can make the baby consume too much fat, use the muscles of all parts of the body, let the baby get rid of obesity and make the body shape more Bodybuilding.

Finally: Baby swimming, you can also train your baby's communication skills, appeal, and lay a solid foundation for the formation of a unique personality charm!

However, if we take a baby to swim, we must also understand certain precautions ( .

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