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What are the advantages of the mother and baby industry taking the path of micro-business

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

Guide to the Global Baby and Child Network: In 2015, mobile micro-businesses rose rapidly, and many maternal and child brands also participated in it. What are the advantages of the maternal and child industry following the path of micro-business? Let's take a look!

1. Maternal and child categories are naturally suitable for micro-businesses, because there is a gap in the education level between the new parents and the previous generations, and they need to ask others about the cognition of the product. community. So the timing for content to drive sales is very good.

2. At present, the mother population in China is mainly born in the 80s. The post-90s, that is, the age of 25 to 30 years old is the peak period of childbearing, and these people are experiencing the period of Internet development. It is easy to accept the mobile social e-commerce form of Wechat.

3. From the perspective of usage space, mobile products will be more suitable for mothers and babies. For mothers holding their children in one hand, we would definitely think that it will be easier to operate on a mobile terminal with the other hand than in front of a computer.

4. From the perspective of use time, mobile products will be more suitable for the fragmented operation of mothers and babies. For mothers who take care of babies at home, especially when the baby’s age is from shortly after birth to about 1 year old, the daily use of the Internet by mothers is not fixed, which is fragmented time, so it is not big There may be too much time to browse and visit on the PC side, and the mobile APP may be more in line with their usage habits.

5. From the psychological point of view, the mobile terminal can bring some sense of security to mothers and babies. The radiation problem of the monitor and chassis of the PC has been raised very early, and many people are unwilling to sit in front of the computer for a long time because the radiation is too large. For expectant mothers who are about to give birth, mobile terminal devices such as smart phones and tablet computers may become the main Internet devices, and smart phones have a so-called flight mode, which can also reduce radiation. Therefore, from the psychological point of view of the mother and infant population, the mobile terminal gives people a relatively more sense of security than the PC terminal.

With the rapid development of WeChat business, how can we make maternal and child products develop in WeChat business? WeChat business has a lot in common with traditional e-commerce companies. , And at the same time distinguishing the differences between WeChat business and Taobao, the development of WeChat business for maternal and child products will naturally be like a broken one.

For novices who intend to get involved in the field of maternal and child micro-marketing, what should be the most important thing in the preliminary inspection? Platforms and products. A formal platform can provide you with a guarantee of trust, as well as professional services and team help; quality-guaranteed products as a prerequisite for micro-business can make you have no worries, like a facial mask for 5 yuan It is definitely unreasonable to sell something for 500 yuan. A micro-business that cannot even guarantee the quality of its products will surely be eliminated in this environment of survival of the fittest.

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