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Wait for the baby puzzle game fitness frame to liberate the mother's hands and the baby to rise

by:Toysmax     2021-05-28

Through different toy functions, we can create a happy atmosphere for the baby and help the baby understand the world from different feelings. Wait for the baby puzzle game fitness frame to free the mother's hands, and the baby will be High.

Wait for the baby puzzle game fitness frame to upgrade to the dual bracket, which is stable and not deformed. Compared with the traditional single pole bracket and double bracket cross structure, it stretches It is not deformed, and the mother is more at ease for the baby. The lengthened and semi-enclosed design greatly improves the stability and safety, and the baby can play freely. The supporting dispersing pendants can effectively protect the baby's eyes and prevent long-term excessive concentration of eyesight from causing cross-eyes.

Wait for the baby’s educational game and fitness frame. Rich and varied early education games, novel and interesting fitness toys, so that the baby can’t put it down, and it’s easy for mothers to free their hands. . The detachable rattle pendant helps to improve the baby's hand control ability, gives the baby different tactile, auditory and visual experience, and attracts the baby to recognize the shape and color.

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