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VR technology leads the game market trend, but the technology still needs to be reformed

by:Toysmax     2021-05-21

VR technology is gradually spreading and developing towards games, which is very popular in the market. But its technology still needs innovation.

Data shows that the domestic virtual reality industry market is expected to reach 5.66 billion yuan this year. 2016 is considered by the industry to be the first year of the VR industry. Unlike many companies or organizations that have focused on VR hardware equipment in the past, VR content has become the main direction of development at this stage, and games are an aspect that cannot be ignored. .

According to the 'Research Report on China's Virtual Reality Industry in the First Half of 2016' recently released by iiMedia Consulting, in the first half of this year, 54.8% of domestic mobile phone netizens said they were aware of VR-related products. At the same time, the VR industry It is still in the initial stage of development in China, and it is not widely used by the public, and the penetration rate is also at a low level. There is still a large room for user growth. However, at this stage, the domestic VR industry has a certain degree of homogeneity, and many companies are burning money to follow suit on hardware equipment. In fact, 47.4% of respondents value the richness of VR products most. degree. In view of this situation, the report believes that domestic VR hardware is about to usher in an industry reshuffle. It is expected that a large number of VR hardware companies will be eliminated in the second half of this year, and some companies will shift from hardware production to content output.

From the current consumer demand for VR content, it covers many fields such as education and tourism. In the cultural and creative industry, movies, videos and games are more concerned. However, the production of VR movies is not an easy task. Not only does the shooting method need to be adjusted, but the cost cannot be underestimated. Take the current VR short film as an example, called 'HELP! 'The VR movie lasts no more than 5 minutes, but the average cost per minute is US$1 million. Previously, the VR movie 'LOST' produced by Oculus in less than 10 minutes also cost US$10 million, and the higher cost is only the VR movie. One of the difficulties faced. Therefore, some companies choose to focus on VR games. According to iiMedia Consulting’s report, the VR industry is expected to develop rapidly in the next few years, including games, hardware, movies, and theme parks. Among them, the market size of VR games The proportion of the entire VR industry will be close to 50%, followed by VR hardware and VR film and television content.

Through observation, it can be found that many domestic companies have used capital and other methods to make continuous efforts in the field of VR games. For example, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment invested US$3.1667 million in Canadian VR game content provider Archiact Interactive Ltd. , Thus entering the field of VR game research and development and VR game agency; Shanda Group invested 2.1 million US dollars in Iceland’s VR technology development company Sólfar Studios, the company plans to launch the first VR game 'Everest VR' this year; Palm Fun Technology is also this year 3 Announced this month to invest 10 million yuan in the B round of Leke VR, and Leke VR is a provider of integrated solutions such as hardware support, technical support, and content support for virtual reality offline experience halls.

Although VR games are one of the main products that consumers need, and there are many companies in this field, there are some obstacles to break through in VR games. Among them, the most important thing is the use of VR. The physical discomfort caused by dizziness and other physical discomforts, this problem still needs to be improved and optimized in the future. In addition, since the main purpose of consumers choosing VR games includes experiencing a deeper sense of immersion and realism, this has higher standards and requirements for the game screen and atmosphere design. In addition, VR is still in the initial stage of development at this stage, and the monetization method of VR games has yet to be planned and improved. Gradually attract more and more consumers through charging methods that are more in line with the current industry status.

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