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VR children's toy market is hot, offline experience halls need to integrate resources

by:Toysmax     2021-05-22

The VR children's toys on the market are very popular now, and offline VR experience halls are also operating, but the operation effect is not ideal. To achieve the desired effect, offline experience halls need to integrate resources.

'It feels very stimulating, but the use of equipment has a large space, so I will not buy it.Playing games and watching movies, what else can VR do?” Recently, a DoNews reporter visited several offline VR experience halls and found that most VR experiencers have such experience and confusion.

VR is a hot topic in the technology circle this year. Many giant companies and start-ups have participated in it. A large number of VR experience halls have also appeared in shopping malls and scenic spots in major cities. The novel concept and special sensory experience have attracted many users with strong curiosity. What about the user experience?

The earliest VR experience device launched for consumers is the 'egg shell machine' in major shopping malls, which brings consumers into a fixed 3D scene through VR glasses and chairs like eggshells However, due to the limitations of technology and content, the 'egg shell machine' cannot provide consumers with a good VR experience, nor can it meet the increasing demands of consumers.

With the development of VR technology and content updates, more 'big production' VR experience halls have appeared accordingly. This kind of experience hall is also almost dominated by games and entertainment. After consumers bring VR headsets, handheld controllers, triggers and other equipment, they can place themselves in a 3D surround sound scene and have a more realistic gaming and movie viewing experience.

'The picture is very real, as if the zombie is really coming over.It’s boring.” The experiencer told reporters that there are a lot of rumors about VR technology recently, especially this year’s college entrance examination essay questions in Zhejiang Province, which also allows more people to learn about the VR field, so I feel like I’m trying it out. The experiencer said it was “exciting”, but most of the experiencers said that it was not as “magic” as expected and would not consume it again.

The landing of the VR project looks very lively, but it is not very smooth in the specific market operation. The reporter learned that the experience price of the 'egg shell machine' is about 30 yuan per 15 minutes, and The price of large-scale VR experience halls ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. However, through observation, it was found that only two consumers experience the 'Eggshell Machine' in one day, and the large VR experience hall located in a certain art zone in Beijing has a bleak business situation, and more people just stay on the sidelines. .

'It costs one or two hundred yuan to experience a 30-minute VR game, which is more than ten times that of video games or online games. This way there are too few people to consume and it is a loss-making business.' The staff said that high prices have led to low-frequency consumption, and the revenue of the experience center mainly depends on providing services such as coffee and rest, so it does not care about the number of VR experiencers. '

'Some of the experience hall projects that have been introduced to the market are difficult to maintain operation, mainly because of the lack of experience projects and the content update speed can not keep up. 'A VR practitioner said that most of the VR experience halls have rough production of game content, and it is difficult to bring players a good and heavy experience. This is because there is no mature technical team in China that can combine virtual content with display devices. As a result, players cannot have a better shopping experience, which affects word-of-mouth communication, and it is difficult to form secondary consumption.

Currently, domestic VR experience halls are very popular, but it also exposes the expensive hardware and content. Lack and difficulty for ordinary households to consume. From this point of view, although the current domestic virtual reality industry is in a state of first-mover in capital operation, the problem of lack of technology and content is very obvious. As a VR practitioner, how should we look at it? How to solve these problems?

In this regard, He Jin, director of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Phantom Star, believes that the development and popularization of virtual reality technology is very similar to that of the Internet. People gather in specific places to promote the popularization of VR in social life. Secondly, the VR offline experience hall has yet to be explored. The single product, delayed head-mounted display, dizziness, lack of content, and uneven effects have caused disadvantages. It is difficult for VR experience halls to continue to be popular, so practitioners need to increase customer retention by improving service quality and awareness, proposing comprehensive VR entertainment solutions, providing diversified gameplay and high-quality content.

In the future, there are countless types of VR models that can be developed, such as 'VR+ shopping mallThe museum will become a mainstream trend. To accelerate the popularization and commercialization of VR, the industry will need to integrate a lot of industry resources, whether in terms of content or hardware.

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