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Use toys to train your baby's vision

by:Toysmax     2021-05-17

Among all the children's sense organs, the eyes are the most active, most active, and most important sensory organ. Most of the information is transmitted to the brain through the eyes. Many parents think that as long as their children can see objects, it is normal. Who knows that, 'cross-eyed

   The following introduces several methods of using toys to train children’s vision according to their visual characteristics:

  1. Babies before 1 year old are actively using visual organs to observe in addition to sleep. In the surrounding environment, the movement of the children's visual organs is not coordinated and flexible at this time, and the vision of most children is hyperopic. When they pay attention to something, they often have one eye to the left, one eye to the right, or two eyes facing each other. Therefore, in order to enrich the child's visual experience, the toys hanging in front of the baby's bed should be exchanged frequently. The toys should be slightly larger and preferably accompanied by sound. You can also use your favorite toy to play a game of 'hide and seek' with your child. By constantly changing the position of the toy, you can train your child to quickly change the visual orientation and coordinate the flexible operation of the left and right eyes. In order to enrich the content and attract the children’s attention, mom and dad can also tie the toy to the rope, and perform regular horizontal and vertical movement in front of the child’s eyes, and then gradually transition to alternate horizontal and vertical directions, with the speed first. Slow and fast, train children's eyes to chase left and right, up and down changing objects.

   After the age of 2, the child’s visual organs gradually mature, and the visual acuity also develops with the child’s age. At this time, parents can choose toys and games that can improve children's visual acuity, help children recognize colors, and develop hand-eye coordination. Such as; wear wooden beads. At the beginning, you can wear it casually to train hand-eye coordination; then you can wear beads according to the color, transition from wearing the same color beads to wearing a variety of color beads in the order of color; finally, there can be competitions to see who wears the fastest and the most color Pretty. In addition, you can also use a variety of toys to play the game 'What is missing' with the child. The method is to put several toys of different shapes and colors on the table, and ask the child to observe for a certain period of time and remember the types of items on the table. , Close your eyes, parents take away 1 or 2 kinds of toys, let the children tell what toys are missing on the table, cultivate children's intentional attention and visual acuity.

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