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Use picture books to help children outline a colorful life, open the door to love

by:Toysmax     2021-05-30

Love is a paintbrush that can make the world beautiful and beautiful. It can draw a starry sky for you in your dreamland, and it can draw a pair of arms for you in times of crisis. There are many kinds of love in the world, the love between parents and children, the love between husband and wife, and the love between friends. Each kind of love has a different color, which outlines a colorful life.

Children come to this world and feel the love from their relatives around them, but love is not only about gain, but also about giving. Reading a picture book story about love can help children open the door of love and let them know how to perceive and give love. Here are some picture books about love.

1. The story of love and being loved--'The Tree of Love'

Text\Picture: Shel Silverstein

Translator: Fu Weici

Publisher: Nanhai Publishing House

This book is the most famous work of American genius picture book writer Shel Silverstein.

A big tree fell in love with a little boy. The little boy came to climb the tree every day, pick the leaves, eat apples... The boy was very happy, and the tree was very happy too. However, the boy gradually grew up and stopped playing with the tree. The boy hopes to get money, the tree gives him apples to exchange money; the boy needs to start a family, the tree gives him branches to build a house; the boy wants to go on a voyage, the tree gives him the trunk to build a boat. The boy turned into an old man and returned to the tree. The tree has nothing to give him, but it has a stump for the boy to sit down and rest... This is a common apple tree that is responsive and a greedy child. Composed of a warm, slightly sad and moving story; this is a heart-warming fable-between giving and receiving, and also between love and being loved.

A Jia, a famous children’s reading promoter, said that this is a picture book with very simple pictures and text, just like a simple song. Every child or adult who reads it will be moved because It tells of a deep love, a kind of selfless giving and dedication. The ones who were most moved were those parents, who could not help crying as they read.

2. Love is a kind of inheritance of life-'Guess how much I love you'

Text: Sam McBrainy (Ireland)

Picture: Anita? Jielang (English)

Translation: Mei Zihan

Press: Tomorrow Press

One big and one small two rabbits short Short conversations condense the most complex and greatest emotions in life. The little rabbit earnestly expresses'I love you' to the big rabbit, and expresses his love for the big rabbit with various body movements and visible still life. But no matter how it is compared, it will never be much, high, and farther than the big rabbit. Finally, the little bunny finally fell asleep under the package of tangy love.

Because the little bunny’s love never exceeds the big bunny’s love, so when the little bunny grows into a big bunny, his love surpasses that of the little bunny. This is the inheritance of life. This is a magical and easy-to-understand thing that drives the history of life. It is magical and ordinary. We don’t need to think about why.

3. Love, Never Ending-'Let’s Become a Ghost'

Text: (Denmark) Kim Foperz Exxon

Picture: (Sweden) Eva Eriksson

Translation: Peng Yi

Publisher: Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House

Espen’s Grandpa passed away suddenly, and it was a big blow to Little Aspen. One day Grandpa returned unexpectedly, and his current identity is a ghost. He said that there was something he had forgotten, so he couldn't go. Espen helped his grandfather think together: Grandpa took him to the playground, watched the car, watched movies, and fished; he yelled, made faces and scratched with him He tickles, hides the candy-they are immersed in happy past events. Suddenly, Grandpa stopped laughing,'I forgot to say goodbye to you, my little Aspen. '

They both cried. So, Grandpa let Espen close to him, squeezed Espen's hand, his gentle gaze seemed to wrap Espen:'Goodbye, Espen. '

'Goodbye, grandpa. Hello, grandma, please. '

They solemnly finished this, and then Grandpa left happily.

Seeing that Grandpa said that he had forgotten to say goodbye to Espen, the tears that I controlled and then controlled broke. This is Grandpa’s endless love for Espen. When I reach the end of the world, I am still thinking about it. This child. His return not only allowed Espen to understand what'death' was, but also to understand the precious love of grandpa.

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