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Under the epidemic, Xiaoling Toys' total platform broadcast volume reached 42 billion in the first half of the year, growing against the trend

by:Toysmax     2021-05-09

The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic is a huge test for all walks of life, and it has also brought a greater impact and impact on China's economy and society. With the accelerated spread of the overseas epidemic, international economic and trade activities have been severely affected, and the toy industry has been affected to varying degrees in both export and domestic sales.

But the crisis machine always coexists, and the epidemic has also brought new opportunities and challenges to toy companies. Faced with the current market conditions, toy companies have taken measures to actively transform and seek breakthroughs and new opportunities.

The 'adversity' of the children's vertical MCN platform

Under the epidemic this year, the leading children's self-media platform 'Xiaoling Toys' made a quick response. When the domestic epidemic broke out, the operation team realized the impact of the epidemic on the entire society. While overcoming difficulties to maintain weekly content updates, it continued to adjust and optimize the program to make the program more interesting and closer to the present, and also to make more consumption. Fans watched more and better content during the extended holiday. In the first half of 2020, the total broadcast volume of 'Xiaoling Toys' on the platform reached 42 billion, and the average monthly broadcast volume exceeded 1 billion. The overall broadcast volume in Q4 of 2019 increased by 30% compared with the same period last year. The first half of the year showed strong growth. At present, 'Xiaoling Toys' has exceeded 50 million fans in all channels, an increase of 30% year-on-year in Q4 of 2019.

During the epidemic, many children are attending classes at home. 'Xiaoling Toys' takes advantage of its online advantages. Chengdu Lingke Culture Communication Co., Ltd. cooperated with the exclusive operator Guangzhou Baixingrui Culture Co., Ltd. to plan and expand more The new business has enriched the overall brand content. Since the Xiaoling English APP was launched in August 2019, it has had 2.1 million fans, 1.9 million monthly active users, and more than 300,000 VIP paying users in less than a year. In order to improve the content quality and fun education of 'Little Ling EnglishThe concept of 'learning while playing' entertaining through education creates a more natural learning environment and creates a new model of online education.

The rapid development of the online education sector has also accelerated the layout of other business sectors. The newly launched 'Little Ling Children's Songs' series in March of this year has been launched in NetEase Cloud Music, Lychee FM, Dragonfly FM, Himalaya Major audio platforms such as QQ Music and QQ Music were launched, which opened up the expansion of the coverage of children's music. In addition, starting from the second quarter of this year, the 'Xiaoling Toys' series began to be distributed nationwide over OTT and IPTV. Currently, the 'Xiaoling Toys' program has covered smart TV ports in more than 30 provinces across the country, and has been linked to many domestic smart TV Hardware production equipment manufacturers have reached a cooperation, and it is realized that consumers can watch the wonderful program of 'Xiaoling Toys' on the TV side across the country, breaking the limitations of 'Xiaoling Toys' based on the online platform, and there will be more new ones in the future. The program will be updated simultaneously on the PC, mobile and TV terminals of the entire network platform across the country.

Online content traffic drives offline industry expansion

After upgrading content production and expanding business operations, 'Xiaoling Toys' has also ushered in the layout of offline industries New opportunities. 'Xiaoling Toys' already has multi-channel high-traffic portals such as video terminal, TV terminal and self-media terminal, and provides a set of new cooperation models that are different from traditional IP for toy manufacturers that focus on offline channels, depending on the traffic of the platform. Marketing conducts product display and brand promotion, and provides traffic for the authorized development of derivative products. Through this innovative licensing model, 'Xiaoling Toys' has cooperated with many well-known domestic brands, including 52toys, Senbao, Rover, Caipo, Jiandong Wenchuang, Idong Animation and other well-known toy companies; In addition to toys, 'Xiaoling Toys' also cooperates with the development of other derivative product series, including food, household clothing, daily necessities, stationery, etc. The series of products have been sold online in official flagship stores.

The outbreak of e-commerce and the boom in live broadcasting

E-commerce business has shown an overall growth trend under the epidemic. While traditional e-commerce is growing, e-commerce live broadcasts, which have emerged since 2018, have once again ushered in an outbreak period under the epidemic, and all walks of life in the market have joined the live broadcast circle. Major toy manufacturers are also exploring various new live broadcast modes, striving to find first-line business opportunities in the crisis.

As a self-media platform focusing on creating children's content, 'Xiaoling Toys' is also actively exploring new ways to play in the development of live broadcast, and constantly thinking about reform and innovation. After repeated verification and testing, 'Xiaoling Toys' upholds the spirit of daring to innovate, and will hold an online live fan meeting in mid-to-early August, starting a new trend for the children's industry meeting. The new model of 'KOL + content + live broadcast' has been opened. The rise of new live broadcasts has expanded a new channel for disseminating online content, allowing 'Xiaoling Toys' to reach the target audience through more content and scenes. In the live broadcast, the content format that fans love to see and hear is used to narrow the distance with the target customers. At the same time, the soft implantation of products will also expand the exposure of cooperative brands and enhance the brand recognition of customers.

Source: Baixingrui

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