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Transformers era effect, toy industry will have great development prospects

by:Toysmax     2021-06-12

According to statistics, the film 'Transformers 4: Rebirth from Extinction' was released in the mainland on June 27. The box office revenue reached 188 million yuan on the first day, and it continued to lead the box office on the second day. The cumulative box office for two days has reached 422 million yuan, continuously breaking multiple records in the mainland box office. In addition, there are countless people lining up to buy the'change 4'in the relevant theaters, which shows the degree of enthusiasm.

The'change 4'virtual new ball battle plot, dazzling high-tech weapons, high IQ robots such as Optimus Prime and other factors deeply attracted fans to go to the theater to uncover its mysterious veil. Especially for children who like to be unconstrained, they have an irresistible temptation. The popularity of'Change 4'is not only reflected in the box office revenue, but also the top sales of the same toy. Go to the toy area of u200bu200bthe mall, you can see that the most conspicuous location must be the Transformers series of products. No wonder some people say' It’s best to make money for women and children. Businessmen will never miss a fleeting business opportunity.

From the launch of the'change 4'toy, it can be seen that the sales of toys have a strong seasonality. Generally speaking, the statutory holidays of various countries are the peak season for toy sales. In my country, it is generally the peak season for children's toy sales around the Children's Day, Summer Holidays and Spring Festival. However, with the popularity of hot animations or movies, such as 'BearsOr the release of a movie will surely bring a counterattack in the sales of derivative toys.

Speaking of toys, I have to talk about its status. The toy industry is an important export industry in my country, which has played a significant role in the country’s export earnings. At the same time, the development of the toy industry involves multiple industries such as metal, textiles, plastics, electronics, and animation. A large toy company may have dozens or even hundreds of supporting companies behind it. Due to the strong relevance, the toy industry has occupied an important position in China's economic development.

According to the '2014-2018 China Toy Manufacturing Industry Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report' released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, from the perspective of the proportion of the total industrial output value of the toy industry in the national economy, 2009 -In 2013, the total industrial output value of the industry accounted for a relatively stable proportion of GDP as a whole, hovering around 0.3%. On the whole, despite the huge export volume of the toy industry, its proportion in the national economy is still not high.

Chart 1: 2009-2013 changes in the industrial output value and proportion of the toy industry (unit: 100 million yuan, %)

Source: Prospective Industry Organized by the research institute

The earliest prototype of Transformers can be traced back to 1984. Its cartoon version of Transformers is a series of toys and a series of animations developed by the American Kidbao Company and Japan’s TAKARA Company since 1984. The general name of the film/movie. As the consumption of toys and the development of the toy industry tend to be branded, and toy products must not only conform to consumer trends, but also be good at guiding popular trends, popular animation movies are undoubtedly the best toy models, and Transformers toy derivatives are the best example of.

In recent years, my country’s animation industry has developed rapidly. By 2010, the output value reached 47.08 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. In 2011, it reached 62.172 billion yuan, a growth rate exceeding 32% over the previous year. . In 2012, the development speed of my country's animation industry slowed down, with a total output value of 75.994 billion yuan, an increase of 22.23% compared to 2011. In 2013, the output value of my country's animation industry is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, reaching 101.83 billion yuan. The development of the animation industry has also led to the popularity of toy derivatives.

Chart 2: 2009-2013 China’s animation industry output value changes (unit: 100 million yuan, %)

Source: Qianzhan Industry Research Institute

Currently, domestic children's consumption has accounted for about 30% of the total household expenditure, and the total monthly consumption of children aged 0-12 nationwide exceeds 3.5 billion yuan. However, the per capita annual toy consumption of children and adolescents under the age of 14 in China is only 20-30 yuan, of which the per capita annual toy consumption of Chinese urban children is 45 yuan, and the per capita annual toy consumption of rural children is less than 15 yuan, which is much lower than that of Asian children. The annual toy consumption is 13 US dollars and the average annual toy consumption of children around the world is 34 US dollars. It can be said that there is still greater room for development in the children's toy market in the future.

In addition, urban children's consumer groups have unique personalities, and their environment is superior. Most of them have active thinking, strong memory and imitative ability, and pursue independence and fashion. At present, the average monthly allowance for children in large cities across the country is 176 yuan, which has a great impact on family consumption. Compared with domestic brands, children are more inclined to identify with foreign brands, mainly because these brands are more fashionable and suitable for their personalities. It is worth noting that children do not have the right to make decisions about consumption, especially children under the age of 12. Most parents often specify brands to buy, but 60% of parents listen to their children's opinions.

Foresight Industry Research Institute toy manufacturing industry report analyzes that compared with foreign countries, China has huge consumption potential, but China’s per capita toy consumption has a large gap with the world average, and there is a shortage of high-end talents in the domestic toy industry. Industries like toy designers have only begun to emerge in recent years, and only a few universities such as Zhejiang University of Technology and China Academy of Art have set up toy design disciplines. In addition, due to the lack of independent brands in the industry and fewer well-known animation images, the development of the toy industry is more difficult. With the implementation of foreign toy industry certification and safety standards, China has implemented compulsory certification for the domestic toy industry. Many regions have conducted random checks on uncertified toys on the market. It is believed that with the further regulation of the domestic toy industry, the Chinese toy industry will Usher in a bright future.

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