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Toys for human beings are very popular after school starts, toy safety is the first consideration

by:Toysmax     2021-05-14

Every elementary and middle school has opened, and various shops around the school for students are also 'prosperousThe reporter saw in such a store that some toys have been sold out, and some are on sale. All kinds of toys, as well as new and exotic toy stationery, not only distract the students, but even bring them harm.

On August 31, the reporter found in the shops around some elementary schools in the urban area that there were rows of toys lined up at the door for students to choose at will. The reporter's investigation found that many toys have 'injured people'. In some classes, most of the students have been 'fixed' by toys.

The reporter asked if there were any larger guns in a store. The owner took out the box covered with toy cards on the bottom of the shelf. Inside, there were three beautifully packaged simulated toy guns at a price of about 30 yuan. According to the shopkeeper, students come to buy it every other day. Regarding the danger of these guns, the owner said, 'As long as you don't hit people, you will be fine.'

Is there no danger without hitting someone? During the reporter's interview, a male classmate told reporters that they generally wouldn't be a real 'gunfight' if they bought toy guns, but sometimes the bullets would rebound when they hit a wall. 'When playing at home during summer vacation, I accidentally hit the wall and bounced back to my head. It hurts.' The male student told reporters that he had personal experience of hurting himself, and he would not be able to play with other students. Be careful of accidental injury.

In the store, the owner also told reporters that a kind of stink bomb is also very popular nowadays. According to the reporter's understanding, this stink bomb swells and enlarges after being stepped on with a foot, and explodes after a few seconds, with a stinking smell.

During the interview, the reporter found that many students had been tricked. Some threw the odor bombs directly into the pile of classmates. After the odor bombs exploded, liquid would flow out, which is especially difficult to clean when they touch their bodies.

How many students have played with dangerous and tactical toys, and how many students have been 'fixed'?

The reporter learned from a third-year school in the urban area that there are 50 students in the class, and almost half of the students have been tricked.

'There is a toy that is very similar to chewing gum. It will suddenly discharge when held in your hand.' A teacher told reporters that she had been tricked by students.

'Schools have always prohibited students from playing with simulated toy guns,' the teacher said, but the shops around the school sell simulated toy guns and a variety of toys. Primary school students are all minors and have low self-control. , There is no judgment about the danger, the best way is to prohibit the store.

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