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Toys double eleven latest battle report will be released! Very different from pre-sale

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

The much-anticipated Double Eleven shopping carnival has finally arrived. For consumers, it is a shopping spree, and for brands, it is a battlefield filled with smoke. After the sales brand list and store list were announced, several companies rejoiced How many sorrows? Let's see it together!

Disney has jumped to No. 5, and Wan Gao’s airborne brand TOP20 list

In the pre-sale list, the top ten brands are: Lego, Ke Ubi, bc babycare, Qiaohu, Fire Rabbit, Logic Dog, Manlong, Fisher, Niu Ting Ting, Bei Yi.

Compared with pre-sales, brand rankings on Double Eleven changed, and sales of some brands increased rapidly. Among the top three, Lego remains firmly at the top of the list, and bc babycare surpasses Coyobi and ranks second on the list. In the pre-sale list, there is not much difference in toy sales between the two major brands. On the day of Double Eleven, it is not difficult for bc babycare to overtake Coyobi.

Disney jumped from 11th to 5th, and Fisher rose from 8th to 6th. Among the many well-known brands, Goodbaby rose the fastest, ranking 17th in the pre-sales list, and on the day of Double Eleven, it jumped to the 7th in the sales list, rising by 10 positions.

In addition, I saw a lot of new faces in the list. Brands such as Vango (toys), Phoenix, Qi Tianzhen, Bain Shi, and Gou Gou Shou were not seen in the TOP30 pre-sales list on November 7th, but on the day of Double Eleven, they airborne the TOP20 list of brands.

Among the brands that focus on early childhood educational toys, Qiaohu still guards the fourth place, while Huohuotu and Niu Tingting have declined. In the 2019 Double Eleven hot-selling baby analysis article, Qiaohu’s sales method is sold in the form of intelligent early education machine + educational toy set. The price is about 1,000 yuan. Qiaohu can have brilliant results, except for its own excellent products. In addition to strength, sales methods are also important factors.

Aole fell out of TOP10, and Beiyi became a dark horse in the store list

The TOP10 stores on Double Eleven last year were: Lego official flagship store, Coyobi Official flagship store, babycare flagship store, Qiaohu early education official flagship store, Aole flagship store, Fire Rabbit flagship store, Xiaomi official flagship store, Fisher official flagship store, Goodbaby Toys flagship store, VTech official flagship store.

In last year’s list, Coubi flagship store toy category sales ranked second. In fact, in addition to the flagship store, Coubi had two other sales channels on Tmall in November last year ( Stores), if the sales of the three stores are counted together, the results will be even more impressive. In this year's Double Eleven, Coyobi's flagship store retreated to third place, and babycare's flagship store jumped to second.

Qiaohu’s ranking has not changed. No matter in last year’s flagship store list, or this year’s brand list and shop list, it ranks fourth. Fisher has performed well this year. Compared with last year, it has improved on both the brand list and the store list. Ole, which ranked fifth in the store ranking last year, did not perform well this year. In the shop list, Aole fell out of the top 10, and in the TOP20 of the brand list, Aole was not seen.

Compared with last year’s 9th place, Goodbaby’s flagship store has dropped this year, ranking 11th. In the newly added brand list this year, Goodbaby's sales rank high, ranking 7th. This year, the number of Goodbaby’s stores on Tmall was 20, while in 2016, the number of Goodbaby’s stores was 43. It can be seen that Goodbaby has gradually paid attention to the quality of stores and tended to develop more refined channels. Although the number of stores after the reduction is still large, there is not much difference between the brand list and the store list. It can be explained that the main sales of Goodbaby in Double Eleven come from flagship stores.

Furthermore, no Bayi was seen in the TOP10 last year, and in this year’s store rankings, it became the sixth toy brand. It’s no surprise that Bayi Yi has become a dark horse in sales in the list because of its rich sales categories and the brand effect of Bayi Yi.

JD Double Eleven Brand TOP10: There are more toy giants.

JD Double Eleven toy brand TOP10 are: Lego, babycare, Bandai Bandai, Le, Fisher, Hasbro, Hape, Australian Music, Blue Universe, Audi Double Diamond.

Compared with Tmall, among the top brands on, there are more well-known big names in the toy industry. Overseas brands include Bandai, Fisher, and Hasbro, and local Chinese brands include Audi Double Diamond under Alpha Entertainment. and Tmall are two different types of channels. Therefore, the brand types and product categories of the toy category are not the same. Tmall TOP10 and JD TOP10 have the same brands: Lego, babycare, and Fisher. Aole, which fell out of TOP on Tmall, ranks 8th on JD. This is related to Aole's channel layout and marketing strategy.

Data source: Data source: ECdataway data power

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