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Toys are the material carrier of culture and a tool for cultural inheritance and dissemination

by:Toysmax     2021-05-31

Toys are the material carrier of culture, and a tool for cultural inheritance and dissemination.

The design, production, consumption and use of toys reflect on the one hand the achievements of the development of material civilization and technological progress in human society; On the one hand, it also reflects the beliefs, customs, concepts and aesthetic psychology of a society, reflects the expectations and hopes of a specific culture for children's learning and development, and conveys a specific cultural value orientation.

Take Barbie as an example. When Barbie was born in the United States in the late 1950s, Barbie was once regarded as a slut by his parents, and was gradually regarded as a symbol of modern American women. Because Barbie not only has a beautiful appearance and elegant manners, but more importantly, he has self-confidence, independence and autonomy. She conveyed an important concept to the little girl. A girl can not only become a mother, but the important thing is that she belongs to herself. Some sociologists and cultural critics in the United States believe that Barbie is no longer a mere toy for girls. It has a profound impact on American mass psychology and elite culture, and has become a cultural symbol that can be analyzed multiple times. However, in Iran, Barbie dolls are regarded as symbols of evil, licentiousness, and depravity. As early as September 2003, Saudi Arabia, a Middle Eastern country, had banned the domestic sale of 'Barbie dollsA Saudi official said at the time: 'The exposed dress and shameful posture of the Jewish Barbie doll, and the costume is a symbol of the decline of the West. We should pay attention to her danger and be careful.' It is because toys can realize the function of cultural enrichment and acculturation in a subtle way. As professional educators, they should maintain a cultural sensitivity, consciously analyze and reflect on the cultural connotation behind toys, and choose culturally appropriate toys for children , And use toys to help children understand and respect the diversity of human races and cultures, and form multicultural and anti-bias concepts.

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