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Toy safety should be the primary indicator for selecting toys

by:Toysmax     2021-05-11

Toys are indispensable items in children's growth, which can inspire children's intelligence, provide children with companionship, and bring closer parent-child relationship.

So many mothers buy all kinds of toys for their children from the time they are born. A lot of money is spent, but are these toys really safe? What should be the criteria for selecting toys?

Check when buying toys

●The material of toys should be safe and non-toxic.

●Painted toys, such as crayons and paints, must use lead-free paint.

●Stuffed toys should be washable.

●For toys that can make sounds, the volume should not be too loud, otherwise it will damage the child's hearing.

●Toys should be firm, so as to avoid any sharp cuts and cuts on children after damage, or suffocation caused by accidental swallowing of small parts.

●Please refer to the recommended age marked on the product, and do not buy toys that are not age-appropriate for your child.

●Toys should not have too large gaps to prevent children from pinching their fingers.

Which toys are not suitable for 0-1 years old?

At the age of 0-1, babies like to use their mouths to explore the world. Everything must be put in the mouth to taste and bite, so make sure that the toy is non-toxic and sturdy.

The toy should be large enough, at least 3 cm in diameter and at least 6 cm in length, so that it will not be swallowed by the baby and get stuck in the trachea causing suffocation.

The toy should be strong enough to withstand the baby's chewing. In addition, after the baby can sit and crawl, he will have the habit of throwing toys, so check whether the buttons, wheels, beads, etc. will be pulled down or smashed off. The child is likely to pick it up and put it in the mouth, causing suffocation or intestinal blockage. .

Check whether the toy has sharp edges or notches. Many mothers buy picture books for their babies, and it is recommended to buy cloth books or thick cardboard books. If the edges of the cardboard book are rounded to ensure that the ink is safe and non-toxic, babies at this age like to chew books more than reading books.

Don't play with water-absorbing plastic beads (water baby) for your baby. Once the baby swallows it by mistake, the plastic beads will swell several times in the body, possibly causing fatal injuries.

To install the battery toy, make sure that the screws are tightened so that the battery will not fall due to impact. In addition, it is necessary to check regularly to prevent the battery from aging, decay, causing poisoning, chemical burns, or suffocation caused by accidental swallowing.

Don't play with riding toys for children too early. The child's balance ability and the ability to support the body are still weak. Unless they are protected by a seat belt and an adult, they may fall over and cause injuries.

Which toys are not suitable for 1-6 years old?

Compared with infancy, children aged 1-6 can play with a wider range of things, and there are some differences in the points to be aware of when choosing toys.

For children of this age, we will buy him various educational toys, such as puzzles, building blocks, etc. Although children may not bite in their mouths, they are likely to be good at it after playing well. Grab something to eat. Therefore, toys must be purchased from regular channels to avoid excessive lead in paint, which may cause poisoning of children.

Plastic toys should be checked for firmness to avoid broken edges and cuts to children, or cracks to pinch children’s hands.

Toys should be suitable for the age of the child, otherwise it is likely to cause danger. For example, if you play with small magnetic beads for two or three-year-old children, they are likely to put them in their noses, mouths, and ears instead of playing according to the instructions.

Don't play with plastic bags or packaging bags for your children. There is a risk of suffocation if the children are put on their heads.

Toys such as crayons, paints, and plasticine must be purchased from regular channels, and the products must comply with national safety standards to avoid poisoning.

Acousto-optic toys should check whether the volume is appropriate and whether the lights are too dazzling to avoid damage to children's hearing and vision.

When children play with scooters and bicycles, they must wear helmets and play in a safe area to avoid accidental injuries.

Avoid buying dangerous toy guns, fireworks, matches, knives, etc. for children, and do a good job of safety education at the same time.

Precautions after buying toys

Even if toys are safe when they are bought home, if they are used improperly, there will be safety hazards.

Toys should be cleaned and checked regularly. If there is any damage, either throw it away or repair it immediately.

To use the battery toy, if you do not use it for a long time, you must take the battery out immediately to avoid poisoning or chemical burns caused by the decay of the battery.

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