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Toy Report, a toy parent-child evaluation brand, unveiled at the 2019 Beijing Play Expo

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

At 9 o'clock in the morning on July 11, the China Game Expo Beijing Station exhibition kicked off in Hall 11 of the National Agricultural Exhibition Center as scheduled. Toy parent-child evaluation brand—ToyReport was unveiled at this year's play expo, bringing parent-child experience and toy evaluation activities to the exhibition site to develop closer communication and interaction with parent-child families in Beijing.

Toy parent-child experience, toy evaluation sharing, finding evaluations of a certain type or a certain toy, and parent-to-parent exchanges of creative play of toys, these are daily on the ToyReport toy report platform and community What Zhong is doing every day, this time is also presented at the exhibition.

'We hope to provide an opportunity for parents and children to participate in assessments for families who like toys. Through the objective and true experience sharing and assessment reports of these Chinese families, we will help parents to help their children. We choose a more suitable toy' The staff introduced the original intention of the ToyReport brand to the reporter.

It is reported that the ToyReport toy report platform has gathered a group of parents who like toys and value parent-child interaction. The platform collects and presents the truth about the use of toys by parents and children in family scenes. Evaluation report to help parents have the opportunity to fully understand the quality, advantages and disadvantages, playability, various creative play methods and other information of a certain toy before buying, so as to help Chinese families choose suitable toys for their children.

'I often visit the platform, not only when I want to choose toys. I like to see other parents’ introductions to different ways of playing the same toy. Sometimes I can learn There are many new and creative ways to play. You can learn from these ways. Go back and play with your children, and you will find that some of the old toys that have already been played by the children are interested again. This is equivalent to prolonging the use time of the toys.' Parents whose children came to participate in the activity told reporters.

The on-site staff introduced: 'Authenticity has always been important to us. Now the evaluation toys are purchased on the platform and no advertisements are accepted. We hope to bring them together in China. More and more families and parents who like toys are sharing objective, true and valuable content for everyone through toy experience evaluation activities.'

The reporter learned that up to now, the ToyReport toy reporting platform has more than 12,000 registered users, and more than 160 toy evaluation activities have been carried out. Nearly a thousand groups of families have participated in toys. Evaluation activities. The platform is currently open for registration. Parents can directly register an account to participate in sharing the evaluation content of a certain toy and toy evaluation activities.

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