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Toy export companies strengthen the prevention of toy small parts risks

by:Toysmax     2021-05-12
In recent years, due to the frequent revision of toy safety directives by foreign countries, especially the European Union, China's toy export threshold has increased accordingly. Small parts have frequently become a 'time bomb' for toy exports. The municipal inspection and quarantine department reminds enterprises to guard against the risks of small toy parts. According to the staff, the main reasons for the problems with small toy parts are as follows: First, foreign companies have revised and updated toy standards, and some companies cannot grasp the information in time, and still produce in accordance with the old standards, resulting in unqualified export products; second, the packaging is not tight and strong. , Causing some toys to be squeezed or vibrated greatly, causing the small parts to loosen and detach; third, the adhesive material used when the small part of the toy is bonded to the main part is not durable and easy to be affected by the environment. In this regard, the municipal inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant enterprises to take measures to deal with new foreign regulations in advance, increase information collection, improve accuracy, and communicate with the inspection and quarantine department to obtain timely and effective help; Packing boxes with weak pressure capacity, and strengthen the supervision of the handlers during product shipment, to prevent them from being thrown in disorder and causing damage to the product; improve production technology, use high-performance materials, and improve the durability of the bonding part; change the toy design Craftsmanship, try to avoid the design of small parts, reduce the risk of toy export.
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