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Toy display points

by:Toysmax     2021-05-30

Some people say that shop owners must learn to arrange and place them reasonably. Beautiful and neat layouts are always more attractive to customers than messy ones, especially in the baby industry. Clean, bright and tidy shops are always the first choice of consumers. So how should the counter display be laid out? Qiu Guochang, general manager of Hangzhou Wansheng Trading Co., Ltd., shared their experience of product display in shopping malls and terminal stores:

1. Principles of brand prominence

◆Whose brand is in the era of eyeball economy Who can attract the attention of consumers is the winner.

◆Toy product display key points:

①The brand is obvious, this is the first condition to achieve sales;

②The display is eye-catching, the display area is large, and the display is vivid and beautiful. ;

③Attract consumers' attention and arouse impulsive desire to buy.

2. Principle of maximizing display

◆Occupies more display space.

◆As much as possible to increase the number of displays on the shelf.

◆Customers will pay attention to and buy our products only if they occupy more display space than competing brands.

3. Vertical centralized display principle

◆Vertical centralized display can grab the attention of consumers, and it is easy to make a vivid and effective display surface.

①People's visual habit is first up and down, then left and right;

②Vertical concentrated display, in line with people's habit of sight;

③Product display has levels, There is momentum.

4. The principle of upper lighter and lower heavy weight

◆Small and light products are placed on the top, and heavy and large products are placed on the bottom, which is not only convenient for consumers to take, but also suitable for people Customary aesthetics.

5. The principle of all items

◆As far as possible, all items of goods are classified and displayed on a special counter, which can not only meet the needs of different consumers, increase sales, but also enhance the company's image , To expand the influence of commodities.

6. The principle of full display

◆You should fill the display rack with your products, so as to be fully displayed. This can not only increase the fullness and visibility of the product display, but also prevent the display position from being occupied by competing products.

7. The principle of dynamic display

◆On the basis of full display, several products displayed on the outermost layer of the shelf should be deliberately removed. This is not only beneficial to consumers, but also It can show the good sales status of the product.

8. Sample display principle

◆ Place sales samples at the most convenient location for customers to see on the counter so that customers can experience directly.

◆ Electric products must be put in batteries, and damaged samples must be updated in time.

◆ The effect of displaying damaged samples will be counterproductive.

9. The principle of highlighting the key points

◆When displaying a series of products on a stacker or display rack, in addition to the full product and maximization, the position of the main product must be highlighted , So that the primary and secondary can be distinguished, so that customers can see at a glance.

10. The principle of reachability

◆The product should be placed in the most convenient and accessible place for consumers.

◆According to consumers' different age and height characteristics, carry out effective display.

11. The principle of uniformity

◆All products displayed on the shelves, indicating that the label must be uniformly facing the consumer, can achieve a neat, beautiful and eye-catching display effect, and the product as a whole The style and tone of the display should be unified.

12. The principle of cleanliness

◆Cleanliness is a requirement of customers for the merchandise display and the entire shopping mall environment.

◆Shopping mall personnel should do a good job in the hygiene of commodities and shelves or stacking locations in time, and wipe off the dust on commodities in time to reflect the freshness of commodities.

13. The principle of eye-catching price

◆Clearly marked and eye-catching price tags will increase the motivation to buy.

◆Compare prices of similar products, write out specials and discount numbers, and attract consumers.

◆If consumers don’t understand the price, they will hesitate even if they want to buy the product, thus losing a sales opportunity.

14. Minimum reserves principle

◆Ensure that the variety and specifications of products in store are not lower than the 'safety stock line'.

Regarding safety stock issues, each company will have some differences due to different assessment standards. Our approach is to ensure that the stock next week is 1.5 to 2 times the sales cycle. For example: the first delivery of a product at a certain point of sale is 10, and the delivery cycle is once a week. In the first week, 6 products of a are sold. Then in the next week, we hope that the inventory at the point of sale is 6*1.5~ 6*2u003d9-12, so the replenishment volume this week should be 9 (or 12)-(10-6)u003d5-8.

15. Duitou Normative Principles

◆ Duitou display is different from shelf display in that it displays products more concentratedly and prominently.

◆The stack display in the supermarket must follow the principles of integrity, coordination and standardization.

◆Supermarket Duitou is often the best location in the supermarket, it needs to be purchased at a high price for special product display, so from piles, price tags, product placement to pop (billboard) configuration Must comply with the above-mentioned display principle.

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