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Toy arena: the grievances and hatreds between 'being decent' and 'monsters and ghosts'

by:Toysmax     2021-05-31

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the domestic economic level, market demand has been growing at the same time. At the same time, in terms of brands, the top market share has been 'occupied' by international companies for a long time in the past. Therefore, when the domestic toy industry started late, the industrial chain is relatively immature, and the market demand is huge, which benefits the naked eye. Visible circumstances have spawned countless companies that rely on 'piracy' for their livelihoods.

Although my country is paying more and more attention to intellectual property rights, and the copyright awareness of enterprises is also increasing, we can still see a large number of pirated products in the toy market. In the case of significantly increased market supervision, the exposed piracy problems are mainly concentrated on head brands, well-known IPs, and figure models based on animation and games.

To a certain extent, the population base is a major factor in my country's natural market advantage. But this is also an important reason for the uneven copyright awareness. Although the supply and demand relationship has led to a large audience in the field of piracy, the reasons behind it can be said to be different.

Brands--Lego blocks that are rampant in piracy and Lego education that’s overwhelming.

As a unique giant in the toy industry, Lego maintains its “dominance” in the toy field while also I have never stopped defending rights. 'Le x' series toys and 'x high' series toys have been springing up in the toy market. Adhering to the principle of 'being cool under the big tree, And the lack of market supervision makes similar companies feel lucky. After all, in the face of sufficient market interests, fines of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands can still be tolerated. Therefore, the road to rights protection of Lego bricks may still take a long time.

In contrast, the Lego Group has a very relaxed attitude towards the 'imitators' of Lego Education. The appearance of fake Lego classes is essentially a manifestation of infringement, but from another perspective Look, it does not only promote the brand for Lego free of charge, but also provide more consumption scenarios for Lego bricks. In such a win-win situation, Lego Education has acquiesced to the existence of piracy.

IP--'Fake PageThe reduction. But for the derivatives of these animation series, Peppa Pig and Bear, even without the authorization of the brand, they can still make soft toys and other derivative products of almost the same quality. Therefore, piracy is more important for IP-led products. Toys have a more serious impact. In the absence of costs such as design and development or licensing fees, current consumers are more willing to determine their own consumption from the price. Therefore, we can see that the protection of IP copyrights by enterprises is even greater.

On August 20, 2018, the country’s first case involving a copyright infringement dispute involving 'Little Pig Page' was judged to compensate the defendant and the two companies for a total of 150,000 yuan. Time moved forward. Huaqiang Animation Company filed a complaint against a toy shop selling 'Xiong Da and Xiong II Series Toys' at a premium. In the end, the defendant was ordered to stop the infringement and compensated 70,000 yuan.

Model figure-cost performance has become the most critical factor in promoting consumption

Although the fan base of figure model is covering a wider age group, it is undeniable that most Fans are still in their student days and do not have 100% independent spending power. Therefore, the price has become an obstacle to this part of the group's pursuit of genuine hand-made models. At the same time, the quality of pirated figures has also been improved with the advancement of technology, but compared with the sky-high licensing fees, pirated figures can still guarantee profits at low prices.

Whether it is animation derivatives or branded toys, if you want to improve the protection of industrial copyright, the following two aspects can be said to be the most important: First, market supervision. In the face of interests, it is absolutely impossible to unify market rules by virtue of the promotion of values. Only the improvement of government regulations and the intensity and speed of supervision can effectively solve the chaos. The second is the corporate side. In order to gain long-term market competitiveness, “imitation” is by no means the right path. If the quality of state-owned toy brands and IP can have its own characteristics, without paying expensive licensing fees, adjustments in price dimensions and The upgrade of quality will make the market automatically tend to become genuine.

Part of the content source: Tonghuashun Finance and Economics Magazine

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