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Too many toys are good for the growth of children

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

Many parents are not afraid of more and more expensive, and are willing to buy the best things for their children. Therefore, as long as the children eat, use, and play, they must be the best, and more is better.

However, the results of a recent study on educational programs for preschool children in the United States showed that giving children too many toys or inappropriate toys can damage their cognitive abilities. Too many toys will make children unable to concentrate on playing one piece, and many children with fewer toys will spend more time reading, singing and playing with their parents, and will have a higher level of intelligence than children with more toys of the same age .

Too many toys can easily cause the child to be overwhelmed, and the result is not completed in the end. The role of toys is mainly to assist and promote the physical and psychological development of children. It is not in quantity, but in suitability. The so-called fit, one is to be suitable for this age group, and the other is to promote the normal development of the child at this stage.

Therefore, two or three kinds of toys for the child are enough. When the child is really tired of playing, there is no freshness, you can come up with a few new ones.

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