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To expose children to electronic products too early, parents should be prepared for prevention

by:Toysmax     2021-05-16

Toys can no longer meet children's needs for entertainment. The most popular products are all kinds of cushion products. For example, PSP, iPhone, iPad, etc. are all electronic products that are extremely popular with children, and many parents give them as gifts to their children.

Ms. Yu’s child Qiqi is 4 years old this year. She has a lively and cheerful personality and likes to play with the children in the kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher told Ms. Yu that Qiqi had become reluctant to communicate with her classmates in the past one month, and she often clamored to go home. Ms. Yu said that the child would pick up the newly bought iPad to play games when he got home, and could not put it down until he went to bed.

The 5-year-old Xiao Lei is already more proficient in the operation of the iPhone than his father, Mr. Liu, and the games in it are the main topics he talks with the children in the kindergarten. Ever since he became obsessed with his father's cell phone, Xiao Lei often took it away quietly at night and played it till late at night. Mr. Liu said that at the beginning of playing with his son, he just wanted to show his son the functions of the phone, but he did not expect his son to be addicted to it.

Reminder 1: If you are not high-end, you don’t have to follow the trend.

Some parents like to follow the trend. Any child in the kindergarten has a new toy, he must buy the same toy for his child. Is this done to meet the needs of the child or the vanity of the parents? The role of the toy itself is to allow the child to better adapt to life in entertainment, so it is very important to choose the right toy. Especially for young babies, suitable toys can promote children's brain development, cultivate hobbies, and promote intelligence in the process of playing. Good toys can also enable parents to interact with their children. Playing pictures, reading pictures and telling stories can help children improve their understanding of life and exercise their flexibility. It is not that high-end toys are good toys, and the toys bought by other parents may not be suitable for their children.

Reminder 2: When electronic products are toys, it is a double-edged sword.

Some parents believe that letting children get in touch with the freshest things is to increase their knowledge and make them more knowledgeable than others of the same age. Children know more. In fact, it is a double-edged sword for young children to accept the quality of new things. Parents use a series of electronic products such as iPhone and iPad as toys for their children, which also brings 'the temptation of games' to the children. Children's ability to distinguish things and control their hobbies are relatively low, including some adults will be addicted to games, let alone test four or five-year-old children. So the parents complained that their children are reluctant to eat in order to play games and become reluctant to communicate. Exposing young children to such attractive electronic products too early often does more harm than good.

For children who are already addicted to games, parents need to strictly demand, encourage children to participate in more interactive activities, and distract children from electronic products. Parents should also be cautious about their children when using such electronic products, and don't often show their children some games.

Reminder 3: Electronic toys should not exceed half an hour within a time limit

The kindergarten will find that many children have pseudomyopia during the physical examination. This has a lot to do with children's love to watch TV and play games. It is recommended that parents do not equip their children with electronic toys, mobile phones, etc. unless necessary. Even if you are playing with mobile phones, iPads and other electronic products, you should control the time, not more than half an hour. To grasp the child's eye time, you can instruct the child to do more eye exercises. Especially for children around two or three years old, their eyes are most sensitive to functional development at this age, and children’s eye use habits should be properly cultivated.

In today's advanced technology, electronic products are no longer exclusive to adults, children can also use them, but as parents, you must pay attention to it. There are restrictions on playing.

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