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Tips for buying building blocks to teach you how to choose building blocks that fit your baby’s age

by:Toysmax     2021-05-22

Baby of different age needs and suitable building blocks are different. This is the first question parents should consider when buying building blocks. How to choose the building blocks that fit the baby's age? Mainly look at two aspects: one is safety, including the size of the building blocks and the material of the building blocks; the other is applicability, which mainly takes into account the children's preferences and the required motor skills. The following editor lists the characteristics of building block toys suitable for different ages of babies.

6 months-1 year old: At this stage, babies like to grasp and will put toys in their mouths at any time. It is best to choose a side length or a diameter of at least 4 cm The building blocks are convenient for small hands to grasp and prevent the baby from swallowing by mistake. The wooden building blocks with bright contrast and strong color are helpful to stimulate the baby's interest.

1 year old-1 and a half years old: At this stage, the baby is more flexible in grasping and is interested in shape nesting games, such as putting round blocks into the corresponding round holes. You can choose plastic or rubber blocks with a side length of about 10 cm. The edges of the blocks should be rounded, which is safer when you fall. Note that the wooden blocks should not be too large (5-8 cm is enough) to avoid hurting the baby. The number of blocks is less than 20.

1 and a half to 2 years old: The baby starts to express the cognitive ability of thinking or symbolic thinking. The suitable building blocks are rectangles or squares, which can be easily stacked into various shapes. The size of wooden blocks should be 5-8 cm, and plastic blocks can be slightly larger. The number of building blocks should be less than 20-40.

2 years old-3 years old: At this time, the baby's thinking and reasoning ability is enhanced. You can use building blocks to play building games, and you can give your baby bigger toy blocks. The baby will pile up taller than himself.' Building' and then knocked them down. The number of building blocks can be increased to 60 to 80 pieces.

Above 3 years old: Babies' analytical and reasoning ability is further strengthened. When they play with building blocks, they usually analyze them, such as where and what shape and size blocks should be placed. You can give babies at this stage a building block toy with rich shapes, diversified colors, and variable sizes, and the number of building blocks can be increased to 100.

The editor is here to remind everyone that as long as it is a safe product, whether it is plastic or solid wood, the original color or the color, you can buy it with confidence. The key is to choose according to the age of the baby and give the maximum value. Baby provides favorite and useful building block toys.

Tips for buying toy building blocks:

1. Check whether the edges of the building blocks are round, smooth and free of burrs, so as not to hurt your baby.

2. Smell the odor of the building blocks. If there is a pungent odor, it may contain harmful substances.

3. Check to see if the paint is falling off. The baby sometimes chews on the building blocks. The building blocks that easily fall off the paint are not safe.

4. It is recommended to buy brand products with credit guarantees from formal channels, and pay attention to check whether the packaging box has complete manufacturer information and 3C certification marks.

The above content on 'how to choose the building blocks suitable for your baby's age' is provided by the editor of children's clothing network.

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