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This kind of children's handmade toys is popular and will become a potential stock for Christmas consumption

by:Toysmax     2021-05-08

The reporter learned from recent reports in the British media that Simbrix, a toy company in Nottingham, UK, hopes that its handmade toys will become a popular gift this Christmas. The company plans to promote this toy to all over the world. The handmade toy Simbrix created by the founder AssimIshaque allows young and old to use colorful beads to piece together popular characters such as Minion and Harry Potter.

After selling 3,000 bags of Simbrix toys in the first year, the company is now in talks with other major retailers to try to expand exports.

As the father of four children in the Wollaton area of u200bu200bNottingham, AssimIshaque said: “We think this toy can be a big seller and it can become a best-selling product for Christmas because it is a bit special, which is also its highlight. Accompany your children to grow up, and children can also play with their peers.'

He said: 'In Germany, we seem to allow consumers to imagine infinitely. We are also surprised by the number of products sold. It’s incredible. We hope to maintain the export momentum and let more people know the source of the product, because our product label says'designed in Nottingham'. There is no language barrier to play with Simbrix toys, so it can become an international product It can be assembled into many shapes and is easy to use.'

The 43-year-old Ishaque started Simbrix as a side business four years ago. His main business is environmental product development. The company EnvirUP, which was established in 2002.

His entrepreneurial inspiration comes from watching his children play fusion beads. Adults can use ironing to make them glued into shape, but they are also easy to remove.

He wants to create an alternative product that encourages children to create freely. He said: 'Lego is amazing, but it is also limited by instructions. I don’t want children to just piece together the instructions. I want them to Be creative and can make any character they want.'

'The card slot between the beads allows them to be connected stably without ironing. When you want to make something, you You can enjoy the production process as much as you want. When you want to make other shapes, you can take them apart and reassemble them.'

Ishaque invested 40,000 pounds in the company and it took two years to produce nearly 400 types. Prototype, the company raised £3,000 on Kickstarter a year ago and produced the first batch of goods.

Simbrix toys are currently sold in many countries around the world, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States and New Zealand.

Beads come in three sizes: cute, geek and crafter kits, priced from £15 to £35, and are packed in eco-friendly bags with the label 'Designed in Nottingham'. Sales mainly come from online and independent stores, but Ishaque is in talks to put it on Argos and Hobbycraft stores.

Simbrix currently has two apprentices from the training organization 3aaa. The company will welcome two French and German interns who will be responsible for promoting product exports. By the fiscal year ending in July 2017, the company's revenue is expected to reach 200,000 pounds.

34-year-old Becky Gray bought the handmade toy for his daughter Scarlett. She said: 'My daughter made a little yellow man and A4 paper size little Pony. We mounted it. When I get up, it looks very beautiful.'

She said: 'The most important thing is that they can be stuck together, she can fight a little bit, and then come back to fight again after stopping, it won’t break the shape. If If Simbrix can find a good platform, it will become very popular.'

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