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These smart toys are more suitable for adults to play. Let’s enjoy parent-child time together

by:Toysmax     2021-05-08

Smart toys occupy most of the market in the toy industry. With the development of technology, smart toys are more popular with children. However, some smart toys that are well-made and complicated to operate are more suitable for adults to play.

A lot of smart hardware has appeared recently. Needless to say, drones, because the technical requirements are relatively high, children may not be as good as adults; and under the influence of intelligence, even the paper airplanes that adults play when they are young can become very smart—— Just add a power unit that can be remotely controlled wirelessly.

Adults and children play together, share the joy of family, entertaining and having fun, it is really useful and interesting.

1. Parrot Rolling Spider RC airplane model

A variety of drones have become fun toys. This four-propeller RC airplane can take off in an instant. It can fly in the air, roll on the ceiling, and flip 360° quickly. For indoor and outdoor flight, the fastest speed can reach 18 km/h, and the flight time is about 8 minutes (6 minutes when equipped with wheels). The vertical mini camera can take photos with a quality of 300,000 pixels. It is no longer a dream to play aerial photography by yourself.

The control of the aircraft adopts smart Bluetooth technology, and the space within 20 meters can be controlled wirelessly. Use the free FreeFlight 3 application on your smartphone or tablet to control the Rolling Spider remote-controlled small aircraft. If the control is good, the small plane is not only an airplane, but also aerobatics.

2, Parrot Jumping Sumo smart bounce car

Jumping Sumo smart bounce car is very personal, a bit like a small robot, driving speed up to 7 Km/h, driving time is about 20 minutes. It can make actions such as rolling, sprinting, zigzag forward, sharp turns, and 90° or 180° steering. It can instantly jump horizontally or vertically to a height of 80 cm, realizing a variety of difficult acrobatics.

The flashing LED lights and unique sound effects on the fuselage are very cool. The body is equipped with a gyroscope and a high-speed processor, and the control is also automatically networked through the FreeFlight 3 free application. Support iOS and Android systems.

3. Paper airplane smart components

Paper airplanes are memories of childhood. The paper airplanes in the past rely on folding directly and fly far away. See if the paper airplane is folded well. Now in the smart age, equipped with PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit accessories, you can make paper airplanes fly higher. The accessory comes with 3 USB data cables, stickers, 2 rubber brake pads and 1 battery. Install various accessories on the paper airplane, and the airplane can fly for 30 seconds after 20 seconds of charging. Carbon fiber paper airplanes can also withstand the test of flight without breaking.

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