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These novel overseas children's toys meet the children's New Year wishes

by:Toysmax     2021-05-08

The New Year is coming soon, and it's another season of the New Year's Day gift and great PK day. Every year, I buy, buy, give, and receive. The gifts this year are all the same, there is no new idea, and most of them are not liked by children. Since it is the New Year, why not prepare some interesting and practical gifts for your children?

The high-tech gifts listed below, although the prices are higher than those recommended in the past, each have their own characteristics and are worth collecting!

Hatchimals hatchable pets

(picture from eBay)

Hatchimals is a hatching toy launched by Spin Master. This toy needs eggs hatched by small pot friends! The whole process from the beginning of its incubation to after its incubation is very interesting.

(picture from eBay)

During the incubation process, friends in the pot can tap the egg shell gently, and the baby inside will also Respond to you! You can also listen to its heartbeat from time to time, flip up and down, it will light up inside the egg. When it is about to break out of its shell, you will see rainbow-colored eyes. At this time, you must hug the Dandan tightly, touch the Dandan, and keep it calm. Does this whole process look like a real incubation?

(picture from eBay)

But each egg can only hatch one chick, so be sure to treat it well! The incubation of the egg does not mean the end of this toy. Small pot friends can also take care of the doll from infancy to adulthood, teaching it to walk, talk, dance, play games and so on. There are only things you can't think of, and nothing it can't do. Go to eBay's official website and spend US$107.95 (equivalent to RMB 748), take it home, and discover its potential!

Barbie’s Dream House

(picture from Amazon)

Everyone must be familiar with this product, but it has countless Female die-hard fans of, the status is quite stable, this year this product in the already high popularity, ignited the fire of high-tech, so that its status has risen to a level.

(Picture from Amazon)

The designer of this product is also a giant in mind, incorporating the creativity of smart home into the theme of Barbie dolls , I really kneel down!

The combination of the two can actually bring an alternative feeling. Barbie's home can be connected to WiFi, and it can be voice-activated! At the same time, you can do more than 100 things with this toy, such as opening the door, opening the fireplace, flushing the toilet, going up and down the elevator, etc. Isn't it fun for small pots to play?

(picture from Amazon)

Of course, at this time, parents can also take the opportunity to teach their children what is dangerous, use this simulated little home Show, can let children grow from play, why not do it! The current price on Amazon in the United States is 226.99 US dollars, which is equivalent to 1574 yuan, so you need to hurry up!

R2-D2 robot

(from Amazon, Japan)

Many American movies are not only popular with actors, but also A lot of peripheral products are on fire. This time Hugo bacteria wanted to talk about the robots that appeared in the 'Star Wars' movie, and everyone should not be unfamiliar. The BB-8 robot appeared in the movie, and a robot similar to the R2-D2 in the movie is now on the market.

(The picture comes from Amazon Japan)

This toy robot is much smaller than the R2-D2 in the movie. Unlike BB-8, BB -8 relies on a large ball to roll, and the control effect is not very good. It is difficult to stop by itself when moving on a smooth ground, so it often happens that it hits another wall from one wall. The R2-D2 has small wheels to roll, and the control will be much better.

Currently, it is priced at 15,101 yen on Amazon in Japan, which is equivalent to RMB 893.4. Star fans can choose to purchase one!

The new version of Monopoly

(picture from eBay)

The reporter found that the toys he chose were all classic products. This is a household toy again! Of course, there is no new idea, and Hugo bacteria is not embarrassed to recommend it to everyone. The biggest feature of this monopoly is that it has no cash. It is consistent with the basic gameplay of traditional monopoly, that is, the method is high-tech.

(Picture from eBay)

This brand-new monopoly has made a card reading system, and the money earned by each person is displayed on the electronic display On the screen. You can let small friends learn to use electronic payment since childhood, and enjoy the fun of electronic money. Today, when the development of mobile payment is in full swing, even the monopoly has kept pace with the times! Currently available on eBay's official website! The price is US$36.15, which is equivalent to RMB 251.

Smart desk

(picture from Amazon)

When a child meets a desk, most people sleep. But there is another! This smart desk can make children concentrate. Why, don’t you believe it? Look down.

(picture from Amazon)

The reason why this desk can make children fall in love with learning is because it is unique. Its function is similar to all kinds of domestic early education machines, but it integrates the early education machines into a small desk. The small desk contains a multifunctional table and four double-sided game learning cards. Friends of the small pot can use these four learning cards at will, each of which has its own purpose!

(Picture from Amazon)

In addition, if you open the desktop, you can also turn the touch desk into a drawing board or a blackboard. You can write and draw at will, and develop your child's brain development. It is a very creative product! When Hugo has a child, I want to prepare one too! Currently available on Amazon in the United States, the price is US$49.99, which is equivalent to RMB 346. If you want your child to win at the starting line, buy a small desk for your child!

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