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These 6 mini children's toys give children a happy childhood

by:Toysmax     2021-05-05

Mothers may have the same experience: no matter what you are doing, children want to do the same thing. Sweep the floor, hold a baby, push a stroller, etc. Therefore, the following mini toys may give mothers a sigh of relief.

1, Petunia Pickle Bottom mini bag. Petunia, a manufacturer of high-end diaper bags, recently launched a mini bag series. There are Pathway Pack and Boxy Backpack two mini bags, which may also allow your child to bring something for you. (Price at $38)

2, Joovy toy bag. The Joovy toy bag is a mini version of the Joovy Caboose, with double seats on the front and rear, and comes in blue and pink colors. (Single price 29.99-59.99 US dollars, set 129.99 US dollars)

3, GracoRoom Full of Fun doll toy set. Allow babies to take care of rag dolls or teddy bears with mini baby products such as high stools, 3-wheel strollers, and playgrounds. (Price at $39.99)

4. Mini GracoTrekko Jogger stroller. 2 seats, rotating wheels make the toy push up more smoothly, suitable for carrying 18-foot dolls (such as American girls). (Price at US$29.99)

5. iCoo Grow with Me toy set. Like the real product, the mini version of iCoo Grow with Me can also be folded, the stroller seat can be removed as a cradle, and the high stool can also be used as a cradle support. (Price at US$94.18)

6, Moby mini baby carrier. While watching mom or dad carry the newborn, the elder brother and elder sister can also carry the baby and have a similar experience. (Priced at US$25)

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