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These 6 mini children's toys give children a happy childhood

by:Toysmax     2021-05-27

Mothers may have the same experience: no matter what you are doing, children want to do the same thing. Sweep the floor, hold a baby, push a stroller, etc. Therefore, the following mini toys may give mothers a sigh of relief.

1, Petunia Pickle Bottom mini bag. Petunia, a manufacturer of high-end diaper bags, recently launched a mini bag series. There are Pathway Pack and Boxy Backpack two mini bags, which may also allow your child to bring something for you. (Price at $38)

2, Joovy toy bag. The Joovy toy bag is a mini version of the Joovy Caboose, with double seats on the front and rear, and comes in blue and pink colors. (Single price 29.99-59.99 US dollars, set 129.99 US dollars)

3, GracoRoom Full of Fun doll toy set. Allow babies to take care of dolls or teddy bears with mini baby products such as high stools, 3-wheel strollers and playgrounds. (Price at $39.99)

4. Mini GracoTrekko Jogger stroller. 2 seats, rotating wheels make the toy push up more smoothly, suitable for carrying 18-foot dolls (such as American girls). (Price at US$29.99)

5. iCoo Grow with Me toy set. Like the real product, the mini version of iCoo Grow with Me can also be folded, the stroller seat can be removed as a cradle, and the high stool can also be used as a cradle support. (Price at US$94.18)

6, Moby mini baby carrier. While watching mom or dad carry the newborn, the elder brother and elder sister can also carry the baby and have a similar experience. (Priced at US$25)

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